Harry Potter on Fado

Here’s the picture I promised:

Harry Potter playing Fado!?

I was trying so hard not to reach out for him, or call out, ‘Harry!!’.

Fado is the folk music of Portugal, and it’s really interesting! And the act before them is this instrumental quartet:


(pardon me for the dim lighting and the uninteresting angle, i was trying my best not to portray myself as a suaku asian, plus I wanted it really more for the music :*)

I’m finally back on the blog after this long hiatus. Working on the French album’s post production was harder than I imagined, and I really learnt a lot out of it. Interestingly, it inspired me to want to learn even more and be more involved in my future productions. That will certainly be good, as hopefully, what you hear will be closer to what I really hear in my mind. 🙂

The French album will also be launched at this little concert I’m doing at Crazy World Café. Limited to the first 50 go-ers. Ticketing details here. Hope to see you there!

And before I go, I insist on sharing this with you. My heart is now a pool of mush because I’ve watched this:


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