Handsome Bass

21092008_Bev + Bass, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

I love this electric upright bass!!!

First time gigging with Wah Yong the bassist last Sun, and he brought along this bass. Conversation went something like this:

Me *wailed*: WAH!!! This is such a handsome bass!!!!
WY: Err, how do you know it’s not pretty?
Me: Err, cos I’m female? Tsk tsk, it’s a matter of perspective.

I think it looks handsome when it’s next to me. When it’s next to Wah Yong, it’s a pretty bass. What precious value-added versatility on top of its EQ and vol and whatever-other-bass random functions!

It costs $4k.

That’s why I say musicians are asset-rich. :’D

Can’t wait to blog about Crowd Lu for my next entry!

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