Gig & Fun Congestion

I realised that my last blog entry was 1 month ago! You will forgive me if you know what I was busy with for the past month (let’s see if you have the patience to get to the exciting part):

12th Global Chinese Music Awards at Singapore Indoor Stadium (02 Nov)

I was invited to attend the event by the good folks from Y.E.S.933, and it was an honour to see many talented singers. The one I most wanted to see and hear was 曲婉婷 – her voice is really unique. And I have to say, 罗志祥 & 楊丞琳’s chemistry totally stole the show for me.

Luo Zhi Xiang and Yang Cheng Lin
L-R: JJ, Kit Chan,罗志祥, 楊丞琳, Twins, 丁当

Eason Chen

Serene Koong & I
The good companion seated next to me, Serene Koong!

And then I flew to Semarang, Indonesia for Wilson & Lenny’s wedding on 8 Nov. An exciting gig it was, because it was my first time working with Australian jazz singer James Flynn (who’s very good with Singlish btw), and a team of musicians from Jakarta. I went over a day earlier, and was struck by the hospitality of the hosts (i.e. instead of resting in hotel and random walking around, I was chaufeurred everywhere, and the meals were awesome!)

I was pleasantly surprised to know that Semarang refers to 三宝龙 ie 郑和. Yes of course, he’s everywhere, since he travelled almost everywhere back then!

Anyway I have digressed. Let me share with you how breath-taking the stage setup was for the wedding. I honestly believe it could be more elaborate than many musicals/theatrical shows (and there were at least 150 tables!):
Stage Set Up @ Semarang

And there is even a number of computers available for guests to self-register when they arrive. *gasp*

Registry counters

Backstage taking a group photo

As the colour theme for the wedding was orange and blue, I wore an orange cheongsam (all thanks to the folks @ Cheongsam Shopp!), and James (right) wore a blue cheongsam (not shown in this pic). Benny (left) was the versatile emcee cum male singer for the evening!

I seldom spot this look, but I think I love it!

Then I came back to prepare for a very important event – my own wedding registry!


Yes i am officially a married woman! Now I can no longer tick ‘Single’ and ‘Miss’ on forms. I’m not complaining. 🙂

But the feast and 2 weekend-long celebration will be held next year where the good old folks from England will fly over. 🙂

I have to thank my girlfriends for taking me to a mani + pedi treat before my solemnisation. There is no hen night in our vocabulary. We’re the type who’d rather eat the hen… And I think we did.

Mani & Pedi @ Thumbelina!

Pictures of the solemnisation…let me keep it hush for a while more! :p

And then I had to quickly prepare for a performance with many other talented singers for HCJC’s alumni dinner cum auction on 23 Nov @ Chui Huay Lim Restaurant. I recognised some HCJC teachers, and honestly, this teacher was the most handsome ^_^. If you were/are from HCJC, you’d know Mr Seow! (I wasn’t taught by him ‘cos I dropped Econs, haha!)

Mr Seow from HCJC (alumni dinner cum auction on 23 Nov 12)

And we had Mr Yam Ah Mee with us! I think he was very happy we were all so excited to see him ^_^

Photo with Yam Ah Mee!!

And ta-dah here’s everyone! We have (L-R from back row) Aaron, Lorraine, Jerome, Chi Sheng, Marvin, Mr Ng How Yue, Me, Tingxi, Tingxi’s sister, Ms Tin Pei Ling, Diya, Carrie. Btw, that picture was sold for $7000. And the bidder gave the picture back to Miss Tin 🙂

HCJC Alumni Dinner cum Auction 23 Nov 12

I’m gearing up for more performances… the next one (7 Dec @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic) will be “French Idol” organised by French Toast! And I’m looking forward to the string of performances I’ll be doing at Rafflescity… starting from 7th Dec. More details on my website soon!

Let’s countdown to a merry christmas…and the new year! ^_^

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