Getting a seat on the MRT while you are pregnant


This is ideal for pregnant women, alas we don’t live in South Korea:

I usually drive, but on the occasions when the husband needs the car more, I take the public transport for a change. For someone who works from home a lot, not having to squeeze with the morning/evening crowd during pregnancy is a blessing. I’ve heard of horror stories from friends who complaint of nausea throughout their train journey, and nobody offered a seat even if their bellies are obvious.

It set me thinking – why are people so selfish? Could it be that the majority of people don’t know how it feels like to

  1. feel like throwing up all the time (esp. in the 1st trimester)
  2. carry a stone around the belly, with your swollen feet flattened under the sheer weight of it all (2nd & 3rd trimester)
  3. feel like your groin is splitting up whenever you manoeuvre to balance yourself (2nd & 3rd trimester)

It is also interesting that for the few occasions when I took the mrt, the people who gave their seats up to me are Indians. It is a 100% in terms of statistics, so that certainly means something to me. Penny for thoughts…

I remember that one time when I adamantly stood for nearly 40mins during the train ride to my destination. By the time I got off the train, my feet were so swollen I had real difficulty walking. Unless you have been pregnant before, you probably wouldn’t know or understand. Until chivalry becomes a trend, or until we can get the other half of the population to experience / simulate pregnancy, we probably won’t have many people giving up seats anytime soon.

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