Getting over October..

I…..can’t….wait….for….October…to…be…over….3 more days…….

Many weddings to do, many songs to learn… October is really tough, but I’ve some exciting news to share:

1) Am invited to attend the Singapore Hits Award organised by Mediacorp’s 933 on 6 Nov.  Funniest thing is, when I was reeaaaallly young with loads of passion for singing and music to the brim, I listened to 933 all day and all night. The pop chart programme on Sundays was something I would never miss out on. To think that I’m now invited to attend as an artist, how incredible…I’d never imagined. 🙂

2) Will be filming an mtv this Sat, and I-AM-SO-NERVOUS <– See how I will be stressed right till the last day of October. Thanks, my Universe.

3) Will be recording an album of my dreams in Dec in Philippines. Am so excited just cos I’ve never been there!

It’s so ambiguous; I wish Oct will pass by very fast, but when I see Xmas lights/trees up already, I wish Xmas won’t come so fast.

Sigh, I just want to watch movies. 🙁

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