Getting Dirty

I didn’t like dirt. Well, sometimes I still do. In fact my mum is a clean freak, hence I was raised to always pick up  every single strand of hair after myself, to always wash and wipe table surfaces after use, to always make sure that table surfaces after wiped, are not too wet etc, and the list goes on and go and on… Dirt was not something I like to be in contact with. Not at all.

When I was really young, soil and sand were ‘dirty’. Until I grew older to learn that they’re really all part and parcel of nature, and how wonderful they are! Cos under the right circumstance, lives could grow out of them!

I went through the phase of feeling my own socks ‘dirty’ when I wash them. And then the phase of feeling my parents/brother’s clothes ‘dirty’, ‘cos the sweat didn’t belong to me. :/

But now, I’m ok with all these which I previously felt was ‘dirt’. I’m beginning to think…. “How marvelous it is to get close to dirt!”. When I get close to ‘dirt’…. I get closer to the source of the dirt.

Producing an album seems a dirty job, because there are

1) so many decisions to make,
2) so many people to approach, and
3) so much time to spend.

But it makes me (respectively to the above)

1) closer to who I want to be
2) closer to the people I approach (and may beautiful friendships blossom)
3) spend precious time on what I truly want to create in this life.

So the next time I feel like I’m doing some dirty work; I’m gonna try to have a new perspective. 🙂

Let’s get dirty 🙂

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