Get involved in my new indie album 2.0 (with Pledgemusic!)

OK Finally! This is step x of my album-making….fund-raising!

I discovered Pledgemusic through a singer-songwriter whom I respect a lot (Rachael Yamagata) and I thought, what a wonderful and splendid way to have my supporters involved in the album prior to its release!

So i signed up, and here we go!

It’s a new and innovative way of making albums, which is already quite the norm overseas 🙂

I have 60 days to raise funds for my new indie full-length album of original works. It will be an extension of songs in my 1st EP album “Lonely Afternoon”, released in 2008.

I’ve lined up many bundles exclusive only to pledgers at Pledgemusic. Pledge, and you’ll have special access to videos + photos of my album-making.

Don’t like physical cds? Digital downloads is only SGD$13.

I truly need your support, before the release of the album.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Pledge here!


p.s. pls pass this on, thank you!

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