I love fusion.

This morning I sang for a Japanese couple’s wedding to a whole roomful of Japanese, with Japanese wedding-planners and assistants, Japanese florists, Japanese emcee, etc. The couple did the normal cake-cutting but what was slightly different (apart from the REAL wedding-cake) was that the bride used a fork to (literally) dig a bite-size of the cake to feed the groom, then camera lights went off left right centre. Every guest was given a big bag of goodies (including my album lol) as wedding favours. The video of the couple and their friends and family was actually very very hilarious; and and…the hand bouquet was  made up of  little pink flowers to make a heart shape!

Then the BBQ I went to tonight consisted of 2 Italian men, 1 Spanish lady, 1 Thai lady, 2 German men, 1 French-Cambodian lady, 2 Malay men + 2 Malay ladies, and 2 Chinese ladies (the locals were actually outnumbered haha).

It was just so interesting to listen to the different accents (the French-Cambodian lady who speaks with a slight British accent actually thought that the Thai lady speaks English with a German accent), and stories of people from various backgrounds (for eg., it’s common for Germans to bring own drinks to parties but of course they pool the drinks and you just take whichever you want in the end). I’m trying to distinguish among the German/Italian/French humour now but sometimes it’s confusing when they all jump in to take the piss out of something and I’m lost in my own laughter, so it’s work in progress there…

And I learnt that this song actually has Italian and Thai versions (the Thai version is actually sung along to “Sawadika”. I wonder if there’s a French version? Dis-moi si tu le sais!

And one of the Italians played a Chinese mp3 from his mobile phone and begged me (cos they’re always so dramatic) to tell him the name of the song, and the song turned out to be this. He understands none of it, yet he loves it to bits, and begged me (again) to give him the meaning of the song, the chords,  etc etc.

An African-French once told me before that he told his children we’re all citizens of the world. Quick frankly, I’ve never quite see myself the same way ever again….

To make it even more complicated:

The Italians speak a bit of French.
The Spanish lady knows how to speak Italian.
One of the Malay ladies and myself speak a bit of French.
One of the Germans and the Thai lady can speak Mandarin very very well.
The other German can speak a bit of French.
None of us are Americans or British, but the common language is English.

Isn’t that happening!?

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