Full Month Party

I can’t believe that we’ve reached the one month mark. Time flies when you are crashing at 1030pm very sleep-deprived every day and doing a repetitive routine of feeding and diaper-changing. I was doing research on food catering for the full-month party during pregnancy, and at the end I decided on Neo Gardens, mainly because of the availability of the baby theme decoration, and the competitive pricing.

Isn’t this cute? (And no… we didn’t get to take the plush toys home)

Everyone was singing praises of the food (mind you, my relatives were not easy to please), so it was a relief that I had made the right choice. The food that was really palatable were the Thai Pineapple rice, and the Signature Curry Chicken (which was wiped out because my relatives happily dabao them home -_-).

What I absolutely love love was this dessert corner that came with the baby theme decoration with a top up of $200. The cakes were so retro!! (And the éclairs were to-die-for)

I was saying that the prices are competitive… below are the percentage discount that one can enjoy depending on the number of guests catered for:

  • 30-50 guests – 20%
  • 55-75 guests- 25%
  • 80-100 guests- 30%

Last but not least, one thing that jumped out at me that day to show Neo Garden’s thoughtfulness – they even put out colouring packages for the kids at the party! Needless to say, the kids were occupied with the colouring (and the adults, happy).

And the master of the day in his superman bodysuit, complete with a blue cape attached at the back…

It went a little wrong only when the cape was in the way when we had to burp him. lol.

Happy one-month old Dave. Mummy & Daddy never knew that it’s possible to be so utterly exhausted and happy at the same time. 🙂


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