For the past month, I’ve been thinking about, friends.

I’m very lousy with keeping friends. No excuses but, yes, I’m just plain bad at keeping friends. I can be very aggressive in my career when I know what I want, but when it comes to relationships, I’m ironically passive.

Tienyao called me at noon today and asked if I wanna go over for lunch cos his wife was cooking. Nevermind that the call came at the 11th hour. Nevermind that he knew I would reject him when I had previously rejected him to go clubbing for 100 times. That hadn’t stopped him from calling me last night to go clubbing.

Sometimes I feel forgotten. And friends like him who relentlessly call me just made me feel very touched. Because I was in their thoughts.

On the other hand, friends whom I thought I had known very well for years, I dunno, I realised we may not be as good as we I thought we are. It’s heart-breaking sometimes. People change, and that’s a fact of life I know very well. Changes are natural, and good only if you can change together with the person. Is knowing this the reason why I’m so passive with relationships?

If there’s any resolution to be made this year, it’s to focus on, friends. In times of  career high and low points, breakup, or simply someone to eat crabs with, nothing beats a friend to count on. Especially when they come out of nowhere. So the resolution is….to ask friends out more actively? I don’t know why or how, but I really should learn to kill the thought that they’re too busy for me!

These are only some of the friends I really appreciate with all my heart. Rehearsal was hilarious today. We’ll be making some noises this Tue at Esplanade, do drop by if you can!

Rehearsal for 03 Feb 09 gig @ EsplanadeRandom angle from the topMy shaky hand and James irritated with music directionWah Yong and James fighting it outShawn THE drummer with the bright smilePretty Linhui on Violin and Handy Wah Yong on 2 BassesRehearsal was at Fourtones

03 Feb 09 (Tue), 730 – 815pm, 845 – 930pm, Waterfront Stage. 2 sets with different songs, mainly in Mandarin, with a little mix of Eng, French and Spanish, and a speck of nyonya flavour (in 1st set). Everybody Huat ah!

One thought on “Friends

  1. Hey there Bev,

    Was catching up on your entries when I saw this entry about “Friends”.

    I dont know the best way to say this but … this entry totally mirrors my outlook on friendships too. Like TOTALLY. Almost every word of this entry except I don’t have a friend like Tienyao who will call relentlessly, even though he already knows what the answer is going to be. You are such a lucky girl!

    Anyways, reading this entry made me feel I’m not so alone afterall. 🙂

    P.S. : All the best for your album sales!

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