Fresh Music Awards – Podcast

Once again, I was delighted and honoured to be invited to one of Fresh Music’s podcasts, this time round as a ‘presenter’ for Fresh Music Awards 2009. I have to say I am always amazed by how quick and witty the 2 presenters ‘Yellow Cucumber’ and ‘Little Tomato’ are, and the explosive chemistry they share. What you hear is totally unrehearsed and unscripted, recorded at one go:

I love Fresh Music because they are REAL. They do not bootlick, play up to politics, as you can probably tell from what they say in the podcast. Beware: not for conservatives.

I sort of regret not recording the singing segments first. I was laughing so hard during the presentation I sort of lost my voice by the time we got to the recording part. Kudos to James Yeo, who kindly and generously agreed to provide the piano accompaniment for me.  🙂

Btw, Fresh Music is totally Singaporean, and listed in the top 100 blogs for Asian music review!

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