It’s such a fantastic morning to remain asleep with such rain outside. So waking up so early to run an errand, –> what a torture. Suddenly I remember my French teacher saying “C’est un jour pour rester au lit” (It’s a day to stay in bed) to me one Sat rainy morning during lesson. Wails –> Aujourd’hui, c’est un autre jour comme ça (Today it’s another day like that). Nevermind, I shall get my revenge payback in Dec.

So I went online to surf around and chanced upon the blog of another local girl (marrying a Frenchman soon) who has requested for me to sing at her wedding. In one of her blog entries, she described the proposal:

“Frenchie: “Est-ce que tu m’aimes” (do you love me)
Me : “Oui…” (thinking, something is up, this is the FIRST TIME he used the word LOVE ‘aimer’ with me, till now he has never said those three words I LOVE YOU)
Frenchie: “Moi je t’aime tres fort….” (I love you very much)
Then he gets down on his knees, holds my hand and i start tearing…
Frenchie: “Est-ce que tu veut t’engager a rester la reste de ta vie avec moi, ensemble?”  (Do want want to spend the rest of your life with me, together? – Or something like that, i can’t really remember)
So he takes out this box, opens it and shows me ze ring
Me: ”’Oui!”
And so that was it! Short and sweet, no drama, i like….”

This tickles me, not out of disrespect for proposals (I mean, they’re touching), but because I suppose you have heard proposals in English and Mandarin, but this for me is the first time I’m hearing it in french. Can’t wait to attend their wedding! :)

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