French music review & interview (Kochiban)

I was over the moon these few days cos I made a new French friend! Dimitri contacted me (out of nowhere), saying his Asian friends living in France introduced my music to him. He did an email interview with me, and a music review, and hosted them on his music review/recommendation website. I wasn’t at first aware that he was going to do the music review, but I was really surprised (to the point of shocked, pleasantly) by the very good review. Check it out here:

Welcome to Kochiban

Yes I know most people who read my blog won’t understand, so here’s the interview in English.

I really thought he did an excellent job of translating my answers from English to French. If I can do as well as him, I would …. be on cloud nine. Erm, actually I’m translating ALL THE TIME whenever I answer in French now lol. I think I just want to be as good as him

It’s strange, cos now that Juliet is going to USA soon; plus I’m signed to a Japanese company; plus who would have thought that I would get a music review on a French site; plus my first Spanish lesson starts tmr (yeah!), I just cannot contain my desire to live overseas anymore!

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