French Idol 2011 (APFS)

French Idol in Singapore, can you imagine that? Well, I attended it 2 nights ago 🙂

Organised by APFS (Association des Professeurs de Singapour) (i.e Association of Professors in Singapore), the event was held on 25 Nov 2011  at Alliance Francaise. It was my first time attending the event, and it was inspiring to see so many young people in Singapore learning…and singing in French! (Good to know that I’m not the only crazy one here :D)
The 2 Funky Emcees!
(I love these 2 funky emcees!)

I felt really honoured to be invited to attend as one of the judges (I nearly wanted to write ‘jury’, because ‘jury’ in French means ‘judge’ but obviously it means another thing in English). With Prof Jean-Paul and Prof Susanne, we had a hard time deciding the top 3. There were many things to consider under the press of time, and French diction was one of the major considerations. Lo and behold, this 14-year-old girl (from MOELC) who performed “T’en va pas‘ with music accompaniment from iPad2 is the winner!
The winner - 14-year old who sang to the musical accompaniment of iPad2!

The funny thing was, when I announced her name and see her walking onto the stage, we all realised that she had changed out of her dress – cos she didn’t think that she’d win at all. I told her, “Luckily you didn’t go home!!”. (Check out the sponsored ‘Oscar’-like trophy, it’s so cool huh!)

I couldn’t resist but take a photo with Bich, who said she customised the ‘flag-like’ dress for this event. I really love her vibes. 🙂
Funky dress custom-made by Bich!

And ta-dah, I caught up with my favourite French Prof Yannick (whom I give credit to for making my learning of the language really structured and inspiring).
My favourite (and best) French teacher - Yannick
(maybe he’ll kill me for posting his photo online… but…whatever lah!)

I didn’t recognise most of the songs in the competition, except 3 – Quelqu’un ma dit, Aimer jusqu’a l’impossible and Elle me dit. Fond memories. 🙂

Hope for more to come!

(Hair sponsored by Shunji Matsuo & Clothes from Alldressedup)

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