Foshan (佛山) 03 May 08

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Finally I’ve rested for enough days (though I worked like hell over the past weekend with 3 weddings in 2 days) to blog about my experience in Foshan!

Schedule in Foshan was mad. Bus was at 9am, and we woke up really early because we are people who treat food with a lot of respect – how can we miss the spread of dim sum just because of the early bus schedule?

I slept and slept in the 3-hour bus journey…I think Tien-yao finally relented to stealing some sleep when he had ascertained nobody was going to nitch his guitar from the bus’ luggage storing area below. The sleep did me good because I thought I sang pretty ok during the radio show and the gig in the evening (sleep is really important to the vocal cords). Only funny thing was I was more sleep-talking during the interview. Will upload some video clips soon. (”,)

So after checking into our hotel, catching a quick McDonald lunch (fastest available), we rushed to the HUGE radio complex; the station was 1 out of n number of stations. It probably took 2 hours to record the whole interview and performing and song recommendation segment.

Then we ruuuushed off to the jazz pub to do soundcheck. I was stunned when I saw the standing poster the boss did for me. Wow. Really touched from the bottom of my heart. He even gave us a good dinner treat at a restaurant. *tears of joy*

I’m glad I got to know some new friends…Lao Mao, Luo Hua, Lao Cai, and of course I got to witness some body antics by Blue Butterfly which never failed to crack me up.

I just wanna have some fun. Boy, tiredness came with it…
Must say thanks to Tien-yao again for taking good care of me, given that sotong is my middle name…he is really a very good man 好男人! Sorry to all girls, he is already taken haha.
(Disclaimer: not by me haha).

Yet…I still wanna travel!

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