Forest Adventure + Caroline

Juliet and I were restless and we decided to be tarzans! We went to Forest Adventure under the recommendation of a good friend, and truth was, we had no idea what was in for us..we just knew it was an obstacle course ..

During the briefing I was already swearing and cursing at the friend who recommended us to go, and I lost track of how many “Why are we here?” I said. The instructor Joe asked us “You never saw the videos online meh?” – No, Joe, we didn’t, we just trusted our friend –> okok we’re sometimes quite bimbos.

There were like 4-5 flying foxes (which were fun), and many other obstacles involving heights, climbing rope ladders, balancing, trying not to touch big red ants with our bare hands, Juliet trying to keep her back to a spider etc. I think all in all this was our favourite moment:

Ice-cream girls <– My favourite ice-cream! So nostalgic huh!

Anyway, after all the yelling and screaming, I wanna go back again because it’s SO FUN!

On a totally different note, check this child prodigy, she is one hell of a singer:


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