First holiday – Siem Reap + Happy Father’s Day

First Flight

If you think that I’m getting a bit slower with my posts, you are right, and that’s mostly because baby Dave is getting so active it’s….unbelievable. The oxymoron is, my days are so long, yet time seems to speed by so fast! (I’m sure all mums know what I mean)

Before I could warm up to the fact that he could sit up by himself… a few days later, he started to stand up on his own. And now that he can stand up, he ALWAYS wants to stand up, almost as if there are nails on his backside if he sits down.

Other than realising what superb upper body strength he has (cos he likes to haul himself up to stand), I realised that he can also use his thumb and forefinger to pick things. The first time he looked at his pacifier and stuff it back to his mouth, i gasped.  How did that evolve all of a sudden?

In fact, i swear his growth (both physical and behavioural) every single day is visible. It’s astonishing looking at pictures of him taken 3 weeks ago and realise just how much he has grown since (which always make me think about how I am growing old too).

It’s remarkable to note how children is a cruel measure of ageing. 🙁

The next thing that really makes our day is when we make him chuckle. Somehow, he responds to “Stoppit!”:

(I just realised that today is Dave’s 8th month birthday. #sofast)

First Holiday – Siem Reap

It turns out that the first trip of his life would be to Siem Reap, Cambodia (with his Singapore Passport because there is no irritating visa to apply for). We visited Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and 2 other temples with many steep steps; and trekked over a running stream and climbed up and down steep slopes, steps and rocks to reach the bottom of a waterfall.

Family Photo Angkor Wat(Right in front of Angkor Wat)

(Selfie with Dave at the top of Angkor Thom)

And for some reason, the husband had the strong desire to re-enact his proposal back in 2013 at Borobudur (Indonesia). He made me stand there with baby Dave (complete with umbrella) so that he can get his mum to (again) take a photo of the reenactment, this time round at the top of Angkor Thom. #真的很爱演 hor (really likes to act) -_-|||
Proposal ReenactmentAnd I insisted that we take a wefie when we cross the stream halfway on our bare feet (we were trying to cross the stream to the opposite bank; the water was so refreshing on our tired feet!):
Waterfall Stream Family

Waterfall stream
Isn’t this lovely? Scenes like this knock hard on me, because it reminds me that happiness can be so simple if not for our ever-increasing greed and desires…

And here we are when we finally trekked across boulders and narrow paths, and took more than 100 steep and (open) stairs down to the bottom of the waterfall:

Bottom of Waterfall

On hindsight, i felt a bit bad that I didn’t think much more about Dave’s safety. Well, I did think about it, but I didn’t feel too scared for him at that moment. It’s always a bit scary on hindsight… Oh well, anyway I’m just glad that everybody is safe! #bochapnewmum

He also took his first swim at Angkor Village Resort & Spa (lovely resort I must say!)

Dave First SwimIt was extremely hot in Cambodia, and it broke my heart a little to have to see baby Dave perspire so much. I like to use Gaia‘s body powder on him so that his perspiration can be better absorbed (esp around his neck), and it really helps! (Plus, honestly babies do stink if not for the nice smell of powder)

Gaia Powder

Having a baby around has its perks I must say. We got to board our flights earlier; we elicited smiles everywhere we went; we got nice baby meals and toys on-flight; we looked at Dave and got cheered on by his smiles when we felt tired; we took extra measures for safety because we wanted him to be safe too.

But the bassinet on-flight is a weird experience for us, and we don’t know how anyone can have their > 6 months old babies (who can sit up and crawl) safe on the bassinets. I imagine if we were to take long flights and we lay Dave down on the bassinet when he has fallen asleep (all zipped up), I still wouldn’t be able to sleep well, cos what if he somehow manages to wriggle out of the zip and fall out of the bassinet? (I say this cos he actually wriggled out despite the zip, and half-fell out on one episode). Let me know your thoughts.


The Inexperienced Mum 
Packing luggage with a baby in tow is such a b*tch. We started to run out of milk powder on the 4th day (I deliberately brought a travel size tin, because smart-alec mum thought that we could save some luggage space). Luckily there’s a huge supermarket that sells Similac, so we bought it and mixed it in with Nan (our preferred brand), in case he doesn’t like the new brand. Actually our worries were unfounded because apparently Similac is sweeter. But after we saw the explosive and overflowing fountain of poo (from 2 days of constipation) after drinking Similac, no thank you, we are sticking back with Nan.

It was also a bit mind-boggling to always have to buy Evian mineral water for the baby’s milk (we even brought along our own kettle for hygiene purposes). #GoneWithTravelLightDays

There was also one time when we were happily dining and towards the end of the dinner, I thought it about time that we feed Dave. To my horror (and embarrassment because the in-laws were around), I realised that I had forgotten to pack the milk bottle in. We quickly got the bill and went back to the resort. Luckily Dave didn’t cry for milk till we got back. -_- #WhatACooperativeBaby #真合作

We were also worried if Dave would cry during take-off or landing. It was ok when the plane took-off, but during landing to Cambodia, he cried and cried and there really was nothing I could do except to rub his ears, and he cried himself to sleep soon after. For the landing back to Singapore, we got lucky, because he fell asleep halfway through the flight and woke up only when we had to move down the plane. #hengheng

Father’s Day
It was a special holiday for us because we celebrated Father’s Day, which is a first for the husband Angmohdan. We took part in an online contest (which we knew we would never win because we couldn’t be back in time to be at the baby fair to collect any prizes, if we had won) – creative photo of father and son. Well we give you 2 fathers and 2 sons:

Double Father's Day 2017

I really love the Cambodian people… they are so warm, friendly and chill….What the country had experienced was terrible, and to see the (young) people rise above the history, they are not just survivors, but winners too. The country will always have a special mark in our hearts, with it giving the first stamp in Dave’s passport. 🙂

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