Feel the love

I am so in love with this group of photographers. They call themselves the WPN (Wedding Photographers Network), and they’re really the best wedding photographers in Singapore. What amazes me is, they’re really competitors in their own field, yet they’re able to bunch themselves together, teach and learn from each other, pass on clients’ contacts and basically, be friends. Can you feel the love too?

One of the photographers Eadwine forwarded this to me, totally made me laugh: http://eadwine.livejournal.com/746695.html

And this video is cool! [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/2916452[/vimeo]

I love good photos, and I think I’m really blessed to have the good fortune to know these wacky and talented photographers while doing wedding gigs:

Gabriel Mendes, Greymatter by KC, William Chua, Feldberyl by Wansheng, Expressively Joho by Jonathan, 9 Frames by Gilbert Chua, and etc

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