Fabulous February

Hi there! V-Day is just tomorrow and I realised it… yesterday! So I thought about what song I’d like to do for EVERYBODY (singles or attached), and this is the first song that came to mind; one of my all-time happy favourite “Let there be love”. So I whipped out my uke and learnt the chords last night and recorded it today when there’s the lovely sunlight. And here’s the song:

I can’t believe I’ve been so quiet on my blog (blows off the dust). I used to share my thoughts so freely here! I suppose taking the time to do the real stuff (music) is way better than blogging about it; but I’ll try to balance both ok! 🙂

Here’s sharing with you some photos from my past 2 gigs:

Classic Jazz Repertoire with Andayoma
(12-13th Jan 12 @ Living Room, The Arts House)

Andayoma and I

Andayoma & I

L-R: Tony, Andayoma, Bev, Mario

Tony, Andayoma, Me and Mario

I felt really honoured to be the guest-star of this concert; to be able to work with Tony Makarome and Mario Serios and Tan Boon Gee; what a joy! And Andayoma has such a nice energy, not to mention her smokey voice 🙂

I performed “La Derniere Valse” (my all-time favourite french jazz) and “Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher”, and duet with Andayoma on “La Belle Vie”, “La Vie En Rose” and “Sympathique”. The crowd was mainly non-locals, sad to say, because I would have loved to introduced more French jazz to my fellow people. Locals most of them were not, but they were really lovely. I remember a French lady buy 5 copies of “Bistro Affair” as a nice gift to her friends back in France. I was really elated!

“Time Travel with Bevlyn” (Guest-Starring Tan Boon Wah)
(18 Dec 2011 at Crazy World Café)

18 Dec 12 @ Crazy World Cafe

18 Dec 12 @ Crazy World Cafe

Boon Wah and I go back a loooong way, and that’s why I named the concert “Time Travel with Bevlyn”. He is a pivotal point in my musical journey, for without him pulling me into demo-singing (for his songs) which led me to be signed to a publishing house “Musset”, I really don’t know what I’d be doing right now. I got to know a whole bunch of music fanatics and gained experiences in recording, song-writing, insights about the music/recording industry. (FYI, Boon Wah is the composer behind 《不想让你知道》,《爱情字典》,《原点》and many other hit songs by Andy Lau, Ah-mei and Jolin Tsai etc)

And hence, that afternoon at Crazy World Cafe was probably to me, a very revealing performance, since I was talking about the days when I was doing indie, the days BEFORE i did the indie album “Lonely Afternoon”, the days I sang at pubs and bubble tea cafés…and of course with each journey, I sang a few songs which best represented the spirit of it. It was a nice relive for me, and I hope a great journey for those of you who turned up.

But now looking forward! I’m a bit flabbergasted that my birthday’s coming up real quick; on top of it, I’m looking forward to performing at Hong Kong in March. Woots. More details later. For now, adieus, I gotta get back to song-writing! 🙂

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