Eco Music Challenge 2014

The NEA has been organising one of the biggest nationwide songwriting competitions, the Eco Music Challenge, for the past few years. As part of the judging panel for 2014, I was excited to hear the final entries.


And they did not fail, in fact the panel (Jack Ho, Clement Chow, Danny Loong and I) had quite a tough time deciding on the winners!

Judges Danny Loong Clement Chow Me

Congratulations to Michael Kek and Relyne Ban for winning the top prize with their Mandarin original “手牵手” (mentored by Ruth Ling):

The rest of the contestants did a great job with their originals, really. There were pop, slow rock (even reminding me of U2), and funk! The standard was much higher than I expected, and I’m comforted that Singapore is grooming a great talent pool in songwriting. Hooray to all the contestants!

NEA Eco Music Challenge 2014

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