Eclectic Palate Party, 26 May 2010 @ Klapsons Hotel

The Eclectic Palate Party organised by Select Group is really cool; first off, I like the fact that it’s a boutique hotel, hence it’s furnishings are really unique and colourful. And from level 27, this is what we see:

From level 27 of Klapsons Hotel

Yes yes, I like it cos I seldom see this view! Check out the tiny containers!

We were invited to be the live band, and we brought on a fusion of English, Mandarin, French, Japanese songs for the guests who were savouring all the good food that evening…check this out:

26may klapsons ballroom crowd

And, other than performing with a full band setup (my fav), I really dig taking photos with these peeps:

Kristen and I (haha!)

Kristen (from S2S) and I

Fabian, me, Shawn, James

Fabian, me, Shawn and James (Melvin was hmm…somewhere else!)

And my favourite pic:

Fabian, me and James

I honestly have no idea why they feel the need to ruin the picture…… 😀

And yes I love how my hair is bunned up, I think I’m gonna do this more often for my future gigs heh. All thanks to Anthony Hair Boutique the sponsor. Muack muack to Amanda at Tampines 1!!!anthony hair boutique

And this, is so breath-taking 🙂

Sunset from where we!

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