Down with..mumps

Can you believe it? Mumps is so….ancient to me. People are quarantined for H1N1 nowadays but I’m quarantined at home for….MUMPS!?!!!!

Did you know that:

  1. Mumps is actually infectious (i.e. by coughs and saliva)
  2. My doctor had to notify the government because the government has been trying to wipe this out since… I don’t know, maybe the start of times. So I have to stay home for 7 days.
  3. Mumps is especially dangerous if young male children contracted it, because the virus can attack their testes, and affect them in their reproduction in later years (gasp!)
  4. Even if you have been vaccinated earlier in your childhood, there is still a 3% breakthrough rate (I have been vaccinated in my childhood).

Why do I say mumps is ancient? I told some people I have mumps and they were like “Huh, what’s that?”. Check this out if you have the same response.

According to the article, “A person infected with mumps is contagious from approximately 6 days before the onset of symptoms until about 9 days after symptoms start.So people who met me 6 days before 12/13 Jul, good luck with the 3% breakthrough rate. Please don’t blame me if you get it from me, I’m also swearing at the one who passed it to me! 🙁

In the clinic,. I was sitting amongst so many people, some of them wearing masks probably to prevent the spread of H1N1. Well well. Who would have thought of mumps? Cough cough.

3 thoughts on “Down with..mumps

  1. yah, haven’t heard of pple getting mumps nowadays. do you have flu-like symptoms? or swelled lymph nodes?

    anyway, we met on 6th..and I hope I don’t pass it to javier, and affect his reproduction later on! heh..

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