Do you know who you’re inviting?

I overheard the most hilarious conversation at a wedding recently:

Bride was waiting outside ballroom for her 2nd march-in.

Auntie #1 (to bride, ecstatic and animated): “Hey! Do you know who I am!?”

Bride (rolled her eyes in the best efforts to recall): “….yes…err…you are my mother’s auntie’s err…”

Auntie #1:”What your mother’s auntie!? Hahahahahah….”

Bride smiled sheepishly, still trying to make wild guesses to appease Auntie #1 so as not to appear rude. Bride recognised Auntie #2 who had been standing along Auntie #1 all along: “I know she’s my mother’s cousin….”

Auntie #2: “Yes, I’m your mother’s cousin, and she (points to Auntie #1) is my sister!”

Auntie #1: “Yes, so I’m also your mother’s cousin!” (Let out loud laughter)

Bride:”Oh~~!!” (Let out nervous laughter)

Poor bride.

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