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Delivery Day


So to continue with my story on induction

One would think that after the epidural is injected, everything would be a breeze…But no… it’s akin to taking a night flight  – you would think that you could sleep during the flight, but never count on it, as there are bound to be people walking up and down the aisle, and air stewards/stewardess/pilots making announcements or serving people around you. There is just no peace -_-

We supposedly had one whole night to wait for the dilation. I actually really thought it a good idea to have a whole night to sleep through while the dilation helps itself out. Little did I anticipate a whole buzz of activities to ensue (yes i decided to note down all these in my iphone so that I could keep a record of what denied me of my sleep):

12 midnight – nurse came in to administer medicine (by drip) to help with contractions.
1218- the drip machine ran out of battery, so the alarm rang. The nurse was very helpful to offer to switch off all lights including the one at the headboard (leaving only the TV flickering on a static channel). That helped cos I really like darkness when I sleep.
2am –  The nurse came in to assist to turn my body to the right side so that the epidural will ‘balance out’. Before this point, this is probably the only duration I manage to catch a wink.
330am – The 1st dose of epidural finished with the alarm sounding again. Nurse came in to top up on dosage and measure my temperature. At this point, I realised that my body was itching (side effects of epidural) and had to reduce the flow from a 9 to a 7.
415am – Nurse came in to check cervix, which was at  4cm of dilation. I requested to reduce the epidural level to a 6 due to the itch (plus I was scared of using up the epidural and have to endure seething pain at the end). The nurse said that 6 is quite low though..
530am – too itchy to sleep properly despite lowering epidural. Requested for Dr to give medication for the itch .
545am – took medication for the itch. Dilation at 6cm
555am – Nurse put on the baby identification electronic device on me
620am – 8-9cm dilation
630am – requested to up epidural to 7 as I started to feel more cramps
7am – I requested to up the epidural again
745am – At this point, we heard a wail at the opposite delivery suite… at first I thought that it was a baby who had successfully seen the light of day…. But hearing more of the wail… made me realise that it didn’t quite sound like a baby… The nurse came in shortly to ask if we heard the wail…. apparently it was a woman who cried (for a good 30-40 seconds) when she was informed by her gynae that she had to undergo an emergency C-sec because her baby was in danger… We were a bit thrown off because we didn’t imagine anyone be so opposed/scared of C-sec. Or maybe I am a pessimist so I had already mentally prepare myself for the all the possible negative scenarios…
800am – 10cm dilation. Nurse went to get Dr Fong
812am – Under the guidance of the nurse, I started to ‘push’. It was hard – because of the epidural, i couldn’t feel any contractions (even though i could still feel my feet!)

Funnily, the 3 of us had chats in between contractions. We chatted about England, and about how the delivery suites were all full that day because it was an auspicious day… (I was surprised because when I walked around the suites yesterday at 3pm, there were only 3 in use. Apparently everyone had checked in that morning for a good old C-sec).

Soon after, Dr Fong arrived. It was actually kind of strange to see a doctor put on the Phua Chu Kang kind of yellow boots in a delivery suite; that was probably the only thing that managed to crack  me up (secretly of course), because he actually reminded me of a fishmonger. We tried a few more rounds of pushing but I couldn’t quite feel anything though I requested for an even lower dosage of epidural. I was basically pushing to my face most of the time (and truth is, I realised to my horror the day after when I looked into the mirror, that my face had red botches because of burst capillaries!!). The nurse and Dr Fong kept saying that I need to push harder than what I did the last time round…talk about cheerleading (without the cheer)  – _-

In the end, Dr Fong suggested that we use a vacuum, because the baby was getting tired …(excuse me, but I should be the one getting tired, having busted many of my facial capillaries). 

And then:
902 am – baby Dave said hi to the world with a loud cry (with the assistance of a vacuum)

baby DaveHi baby Dave, sorry that you had to look like the Simpsons for a few days… 

The only good thing about night deliveries is, there is the natural rhythm of not eating, so I didn’t really feel like I had to tackle hunger too. 🙂

And here’s our family portrait!

Family Portrait

For a moment, we had pure joy.

Until the reality of endless diaper-changing and feeding hit home. 🙂

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