Crowd Lu Guang Zong 盧廣仲 in Singapore

ahlu – 7, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

20 Sept afternoon, i had to go sing a duet with Yet for his album launch and so had to skip Crowd Lu’s performance at Bugis Junction (I was at Intercontinental Hotel for a lunch wedding yet I couldn’t be there after that, what a torture).

So I was pretty panicky that I would miss the 21 Sept perf at Causeway point because of any random things that could possibly come up and ruin my only chance to see him for his trip here in Spore.

Blur Dengli and Tienyao’s suggestion of it being held at Compass Point (Sengkang) nearly made my murder impulse come out through my nails – like ACHA! Shing! Don’t confuse me!

My first thought when I saw Crowd Lu was: erm, his eyes are really small, his nose is really big, and his mouth is erm, really big too. Wow. what an alien (don’t pretend, I know you feel the same way too). But HE IS SO ADORABLE at the same time!!!!

I feel like buying a baby taylor now that I’ve seen him play. It seems easier to play. Wails –> always waste money on things I don’t touch as often as I want to.

His charisma is when he performs whole-heartedly, eyes close 99% of the time, balance on 1 side of his buttock while he squirmed up and down the high-stool –> He really performs with his whole body OMG! He can be the masterclass of the whole-body performer. Totally awe-some!

My favourite song from the album:

A part of the perf which will always stay in my mind is: he went into a solo guitar for one of the songs, revealed a ’shit-i-know-i’m-gonna-play-wrongly’ smile, really played wrongly, paused for split second, drew in a breath, looked down and yelled ‘重来!’ (Again!) and replayed the whole solo. This imperfection perfectly captured everyone’s heart. Ok, at least my heart.

He’s having a concert on 7 Feb @ Esplanade. I feel like kissing the floor that I’ve yet to be booked for any wedding.

Ever full of tricks, Ken surprised me with this. Yes, sung by Crowd Lu!

Photo courtesy of Dengzpui productions.

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