Crowd-funded album has hit 100%. YAY!

Hello good people!

I just wanna drop a note to say a big “THANK YOU!”. WE DID IT!

Because of you, the project is a success (yes, the funding would have been called off if we didn’t hit 100%)!!

Because of you, I can fully concentrate on the last phase of the production works without having to feel all the time that I need to take time out to make extra dough for the album fees, which will of course take time away from making the music better. So thank you, for my peace of mind.

Because of you, I am very proud to say that YOU & I, we’re involved in one of the first few crowd-funding projects ever in Singapore!!!

Because of you, I always think about how I want my music to be written in ways to better reach your hearts.

In short, because of you, I realise that I am not a crazy musician who just want to have a new album out; because you have shown me that you want it too! “_”

With just 1.5 months to go, I’m working really hard on the last phase of the productions (actually I still have 1 more song to record, but we’ll get it done!).

Do note that this project is open right up until 21 Feb, when the digital release will be out (VIA PLEDGEMUSIC!). So it’s OKAY if you’re not part of the 1st 100%, ‘cos you can be part of the 100%-200%… (see? I’m a dreamer…^_^). I had kept my initial target conservative, so though we have hit 100%, more funds will still be needed to defray the album cost ok? 🙂

You can still pledge funds here:

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at PM 02.39.04

One last thing – The voting for my album cover photo ends 31 Jan (because we really need to get the album printed!) So join in this project, and gimme your vote!

We did it, 100%!

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