I’ve been doing a lot of creating’s tedious but it feels great! Composing melodies, writing lyrics, arranging music, making a doll… If only I have the kitchen all to myself, I’ll love to tamper with cookies/tiramisu/pies/anything with a simple recipe.

Creating is really one of the best things I love about life. Isn’t it wonderful how you can put your thoughts into the real world? Make them come alive and see the light of the world.  It’s like, one type of contribution to the world; nevermind if you’re the only person who appreciates it. It doesn’t have to do with music. It can be anything. Jokes, ideas, painting, food, cake, photos etc. There are times when I just want to receive passively like an antenna and watch good movies and listen to music. I don’t know, but May is the month of action!

Any other things I can create? Hmmmmmm……

2 thoughts on “Creation

  1. walked into a music store today without knowing what i was going go get. when i left the store, i have two CDs with me. one of them: you are my angle.

    that was a beautiful creation.

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