Compassion, Loyalty, Spiritual Growth

Many interesting things happened to me in April…it was like a whirlwind of meeting different, contrasting types of people. Of course being in the ‘entertainment’ industry gets me in touch or in wind of ‘interesting’ people of all sorts, and luckily for me, I prefer to duck my head low and just walk through the forest as long as I get my crumbs picked, or job done so to speak.

But April topped it. I came across people who would do anything to get fame; I came across people who are so rich, getting ‘stuff’ is probably a matter of having the time off their work to buy it; not even having a moment to ponder why they’re so blessed with what they have while people on the other corners of the world are starving; or thinking their riches give them the right to rob people of respect. I came across people who are brave and courageous to put down what they achieved using all their lives, to pursue spiritual growth and just be who they really are without fear of judgment from other people.

In this world where everyone of us is so pressurised to conform to a cookie-cut shape and size, to pursue material stuff and more upgrading of material stuff, how many of us actually think about what we want from life? Out of life.

Who dares to put down everything they’ve been told by everyone else through their growing years to start a new mindset and find a road that they really like to follow so as to find true joy in living?

The 3 characteristics I admire the most in any person is

Compassion – you don’t have to drop tears everytime you feel for something, or feel obliged to lend a hand;  I think that the ability to empathise is what makes a human, human.

Loyalty – the tendency to stay true and hold on to what and who you have in spite of certain changes in outcomes which may render you ‘less profitable or less well-off’.

Spiritual growth – I don’t mean taking on a religion here, in fact I don’t have one and don’t think I ever will. I guess growing the spiritual part of oneself will help one feel more compassion for others, confidence in oneself, and give clarity to what is important in your life (nevermind the afterlife, because if you’re so caught up with whether you’re going to heaven or hell, then maybe you are not so genuine with your actions anymore).

You may laugh at me, but bleh. I am that dumb and naive. I’ll rather die stupid and oddball than evil and scheming.

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