Coincidence vs Destiny

Is there such a thing as coincidence?

This period of time is simply weird for me.

I’m beginning to believe more in more in destiny. Do things happen for a reason? Yes I think so. Good or bad. I’m beginning to believe lesser in randomness and ‘chaotism’.

I’m beginning to believe more and more that we don’t meet people due to coincidence.  It is fate.  Friends you bumped into on the streets – I think it’s fate. People you were introduced to meet across the globe – I think it’s fate. Winning a lottery – I think it’s fate. Strings of events  that seemed too incredible to believe in, it is still fate – if it’s too incredulous for you to believe they are actually happening,  you’re the problem, not fate itself. Life is only unfolding itself for your eyes to see, over the passing of time.

And I believe too that I’m at the end of this current life cycle. A new one is beginning very soon.

And I’m ready to leap.

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