Classic Jazz Repertoire with Andayoma

How’s your new year so far? 🙂

it’s been a hectic closing of 2011, and I can’t believe that we’re already nearly 2 weeks into 2012! Have been busy rehearsing and preparing for this French concert (it’s my 1st!), and I’m getting a lot of nice vibes from Andayoma, Mario (on piano), Tony Makarome Yue (on bass) and Boon Gee (on drums). I can’t wait for tmr to come!

The concert will be on tmr and Fri (12th and 13th Jan 2012), tic information here.

Here’s a raw recording at the studio during our rehearsal yesterday. Woots!

Ok, gotta go back to practice now. Photos later! 🙂
Classic Jazz Repertoire with Andayoma

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