Reunion after 13 years..

Reunion after 13 years.., originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. What’s one of the things that we have in common here? We were all from the RVHS NCC (National Cadet Corp) group! The bride Geok En (on my left) was one of my cadets (she in Sec 1 while I was in Sec 4). How time flies! […]

What a wedding!

I got to know the bride, Julia, from my class at Alliance Francaise (AF), and after coming down to give support at my French chansons gig at the Esplanade earlier in July this year, she decided to engage my band to perform at her wedding. I have to say this is really one of the […]

I’m sorry

Dear Honeybee, I’m really very sorry to have killed you today, perhaps in the most unimaginable and statistically-low fashion of being murdered by a human-being. But I was singing happily with my band at Burkhill Hall, and you suddenly came around out of nowhere. When I saw you circling round my legs, I panicked because […]

The ideal wedding

Ok, I am not gonna take anymore performance booking for the rest of the year! Cos, after consecutive gigs from 11th-14th Oct, I am now sick 🙁 :”( Yes, I can’t claim medical bill from any employer, so I am choking myself up with Clarinase in preparation for the coming weekend performances. Anyway, after doing […]

Sound woes

I survive September with the x to the power of n weddings! Ok, am going to rant a bit here about SOUNDMAN. Pls click on the x button on the top right corner of this window if you are/were a soundman before. Ok, first of all, I nearly wanted to kill a soundman with my […]


It’s such a fantastic morning to remain asleep with such rain outside. So waking up so early to run an errand, –> what a torture. Suddenly I remember my French teacher saying “C’est un jour pour rester au lit” (It’s a day to stay in bed) to me one Sat rainy morning during lesson. Wails […]

Handsome Bass

21092008_Bev + Bass, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. I love this electric upright bass!!! First time gigging with Wah Yong the bassist last Sun, and he brought along this bass. Conversation went something like this: Me *wailed*: WAH!!! This is such a handsome bass!!!! WY: Err, how do you know it’s not pretty? Me: Err, cos […]

The sweeties amongst the stress

So many wedding songs to sing this month, most of them I wish I had a recorder inside of me and I can just press ‘play’. But luckily for me, there’re sweeties this month: I’m ecstatic I got to entertain myself tremendously with: Just Because by Anita Baker: I can hear this song on repeat […]

Wedding Craze

Crazy September has begun. 6 weddings in just the past week. 6 more coming this week. Breathe. There’s something about brides-to-be. It’s the glow on their faces… And I noticed something, after seeing a gazillion photo montages and wedding pictures – 90% of the couples have the same smile. Lips are shaped the same, especially […]

August Breeze

French @ No.5, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Well it wasn’t really a breeze, like for most in the wedding industry. I had an exciting August I think: 1. Singfest on 3 Aug – stood there for 10.5hrs – record-breaking. I must have been crazy to do things of this sort. Even my NCC days weren’t […]

No food = Angry Bevlyn

I cannot imagine just how stingy some people can be. If you’re throwing a banquet and engaging a live band, how tough can it be to arrange simple dinner for the live band? Happy musicians bring happy music. I become abnormal when I don’t eat properly or have to rush to get dinner before a […]

KISS by Prince

Heaven forbids, but I will sing this in a wedding someday: Complete with all the dance moves LOL. Ok, back to WORK!

Pink London Cab

Pink London Cab (click for more pics), originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. One of my best friends got married today…Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wake up before I see the light of day. It was a bright 830am by the time I reached her place. Anyway, I was really over the clouds to know […]

A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel)

I wrote this song in Dec last year, but only managed to finish it yesterday. It’s a simple 2-min song which I do not intend to prolong just because it seems short. The original lyrics is “I wanna write you a love song..”, but I am moved by the fact that there are many people […]