I love the Ocean Gallery

Seriously, Ocean Restaurant has got to be one of the best restaurants in town. And no this is not an advertorial.  I was invited to perform for a wedding, and I remember my mind getting blown away when I stepped in and saw the huge aquarium, and the HUGE fishes. Now I am sure the glass […]

[ADV] My Wedding Vendors

I can’t believe how late this entry is – close to 6 months after the wedding (lol). It would be absurd if this crosses over to 2014, so here we go! I’d love to share the excellent partners who assisted to make my wedding celebration my dream one! Wedding Gown & Suit – Caramel & […]

Gig & Fun Congestion

I realised that my last blog entry was 1 month ago! You will forgive me if you know what I was busy with for the past month (let’s see if you have the patience to get to the exciting part): 12th Global Chinese Music Awards at Singapore Indoor Stadium (02 Nov) I was invited to […]

October Peek-a-boo!

Interesting month i’ve got here… 1st event which makes me wanna yulp in glee is… i finally attended my 1st Malay wedding! It was such an experience to be a part of another culture; two immediate similarities are: 1) the groom and his entourage have to make a lot of noises (for the Malays, with […]

AGM + MV + Birthday + E-awards 2010

Hello guys, so I’ve been slacking with my blog updates. Sometimes I just imagine I have already shared what I’d like to share, but of course, it was only imagination. This time round, it’s not laziness at work…many things happened and time just flew by…. My baby wedding-singing group A Little Dream had our AGM […]

Sumptuous dinners at weddings

I MUST BLOG ABOUT GOOD FOOD. Ok, so I am a food person. But I don’t really snack (except for the occasional dark choc), but each and every meal to me is important. I do have times when instant noodles are good to fill the stomach and I’m happy with that, but the way to […]

Do you know who you’re inviting?

I overheard the most hilarious conversation at a wedding recently: Bride was waiting outside ballroom for her 2nd march-in. Auntie #1 (to bride, ecstatic and animated): “Hey! Do you know who I am!?” Bride (rolled her eyes in the best efforts to recall): “….yes…err…you are my mother’s auntie’s err…” Auntie #1:”What your mother’s auntie!? Hahahahahah….” […]

Things I love in Aug 09

Awwww….. This is toooooo much!! Supper after weddingsssssss….It was a reunion cos one of the pianists (Jon) was back in town from studies! Ah Ken holding my album when he saw it in a mega-bookstore  (诚品书局) in Taiwan! I saw this car after watching Harry Potter..happily snapping away and wondering who the cool owner is […]

Musician’s Territory (Musicians pls comment)

Beware: Long rant post ahead. ***************************************************** In all my years of wedding-singing, it has definitely not been the first time I have people coming up to the stage to ask if they can sing a song (or not). But never has it ever been delivered to us in such a low-brow method. I was singing […]

Wedding dings (heaven) and dongs (hell)

I sing most regularly at weddings, and I see couples at their happy moments, if not happiest, in their lives. Off the stage, I hear horror stories of couples contemplating separation, divorce; some with their spouses facing adultery issues; some have not had sex with their partners for ‘n’ years; some have ‘no (more) feel’ […]

Auditioning for singers

A Little Dream seeks to move, inspire and engage our audience with the magic of live music. A professional live band comprising more than 20 versatile singers, emcees, songwriters and musicians, A Little Dream performed at over 650 weddings, corporate functions and events from 2006 – 2009.For the first time, we’re opening our doors to […]

Ho Bee – Seascape Gallery @ Sentosa

I don’t think I will ever forget this gig at Seascape Gallery, which is actually a show-flat converted into a dining hall. When I arrived at the carpark, I was blown away by the sight of the clear water and the yachts – I love yachts! I always wonder who owns them, and if I […]

Feel the love

I am so in love with this group of photographers. They call themselves the WPN (Wedding Photographers Network), and they’re really the best wedding photographers in Singapore. What amazes me is, they’re really competitors in their own field, yet they’re able to bunch themselves together, teach and learn from each other, pass on clients’ contacts […]

Love & Marriage, Love & Marriage

Blue Butterfly interviewed me via email for a China magazine recently, regarding my views on love, and marriage. It’s so irrelevant to my music, but I thought it’ll be nice to help him out if he needed ‘subjects’, and he wasn’t sure if it would be published anyway. But it was, and before he could […]

Most Romantic and Fun wedding of the year

We’re still 2 weeks short to end 2008 off, but I can sort of guess this is the best wedding I’ve been to for 2008: http://alittledream02.livejournal.com/230804.html I don’t know. Chin Ling’s dream was to engage our band to perform at her wedding, but Chi Wern did the sums with her and decided we’re a ‘no-no’; […]