Recording day #5 (Lee’s Love + Smell of Rain)

What I see when I record (Click on pictures to enlarge) Ok I am so over the moon now. We re-recorded that song meant for day 4, and I nailed it in 1.5hrs. If that were to mean anything, it probably means I’ve put on many years and gained many life experiences over just 1 […]

Xmas Parties

Yesterday marked the start of a string of Xmas parties to come! It was the first Xmas party for me at my Jap boss’s house. What greeted me when I first step into the house (other than the family of course), is a Yamaha Clavinova piano, along with a mic on a mic-stand, 2 electric […]

One Note Samba – how fast can you get?

[youtube][/youtube] No she was not drunk for sure; she was scatting, improvising, and on key for the whole thing (even her musicians were lost). I wish I have 1/1million of her talent. SIGH. Sometimes it can be so demoralising. I’ve been learning french for coming to 4 years now, and there’s still so much I […]

Je suis pas d’ici (Thomas Dutronc)

My favourite French song now is tada: [youtube][/youtube] He is so charming, no? Even taught the audience how to clap on the upbeat. Incidentally this is the same genre as my version of La Vie En Rose – gypsy jazz. The album version is here and the lyrics. There’s a line I love and agree […]

The Passionate Musician

[youtube][/youtube] If you ever catch me evolve to that level in the future, please, throw me some tomatoes to so help me out there. I feel so bad it was caught on video, but it’s really hilarious right!? My drummer actually offered to learn from him if I could get clients to pay him more, […]

Obama’s Victory Speech

An inspiring speech by a very charismatic leader: [youtube][/youtube] Full speech here.

It’s now or never

Click here to view the embedded video. How do you keep the music playing? It’s now or never…(Lyrics) Tony Bennett has a way of singing into my heart.

Voulez-vouz coucher avec moi ce soir

Voulez-vouz coucher avec moi ce soir, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. When I laid eyes on this T-shirt, I knew instantly that this is the present to give for a friend who has helped me a lot in my music career. No no no, don’t misunderstand, he has just gotten married, and the T-shirt is really […]


It’s such a fantastic morning to remain asleep with such rain outside. So waking up so early to run an errand, –> what a torture. Suddenly I remember my French teacher saying “C’est un jour pour rester au lit” (It’s a day to stay in bed) to me one Sat rainy morning during lesson. Wails […]

The sweeties amongst the stress

So many wedding songs to sing this month, most of them I wish I had a recorder inside of me and I can just press ‘play’. But luckily for me, there’re sweeties this month: I’m ecstatic I got to entertain myself tremendously with: Just Because by Anita Baker: I can hear this song on repeat […]

What I really want to do now:

Go to Africa and visit the Safari, see the lions and elephants and giraffes and vast land and greenary and blah. Lie on the grass and see the stars. Breathe. OR Go to Egypt and see the pyramids and feel the sand on my feet OR Escape to Paris and have a cup of Café […]

KISS by Prince

Heaven forbids, but I will sing this in a wedding someday: Complete with all the dance moves LOL. Ok, back to WORK!


My photographer-friend Gabriel Mendes introduced to me the movie ‘ONCE’ in Mar, relentlessly bugged me to watch it, but I only just finished watching it. Starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the indie movie was filmed in Ireland. And yes, I love the movie. First of all is the storyline of course, it’s a story […]

I want that one!

I know desires make one unhappy. And that’s why I’m burning now! I WANT THAT ONE! Now this is what I want