Miss World Singapore 2013

It’s such an honour to be involved with Miss World. I remember watching the pageant on TV when I was much younger… and yes, dreaming about being onstage. But of course, I knew that I would never have the guts to go for beauty contests. Plus, I’m certainly not as quick-thinking as these girls when […]


Crowd-funding is really rather new in Singapore, and though a few couple other artists have tried it (Inch Chua, Charles J Tan), many music lovers still do not know what it really is about, or know how they can be involved. Hence, I was fortunate to have MyPaper feature my new album’s fund-raising efforts with […]

We’re up on the chart!

Ok people we did it!! The title song 《我认识过的人》has made it up the chart of Y.E.S.933 (龙虎棒) Click here for your visuals! You can be a part of this crowd-funded album by voting the song up … some more! You can do this by: Sending an sms to “LHB (space) BEVLYN (Space) WO REN SHI […]

Thank you Media

It’s crazy, and I am so humbled by the support for my new indie album from the media so far. First interview was a surprise for me,’cos I was invited to be on Channel News Asia (CNA), AM LIVE! (!!). It was a great interview, and probably the earliest interview I’d done so far (I […]

The Songwriter Coaching Series

I’ve been invited to be one of the coaches for this songwriting series, and I was little apprehensive of how I could assist these passionate budding songwriters…. after all it’s the first time this series of workshop is run; and my partner-coach in crime was Kevin Mathews! Just a side note – Kevin Mathews, if […]

Album Launch Concert, 18 May 2013 @Hood Bar & Cafe

It was a mad rush putting this concert together…. because I’m doing everything myself (pretty much 95%). How crazy is that? I was left with less than 2 weeks before I announce this album launch concert, and I was twiddling my fingers, wondering how many people would turn up (and having the horror of disappointing […]

《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) Official MV Release!

I’m so proud to announce that my title song’s music video is finally released!!!! I don’t have that many MVs…and to have a team of awesome people behind this project, rallying for me BECAUSE they dig this song so much… that’s really the ultimate joy of song-writing ^_^ I was very honoured to have Miss […]

Lean On You Music Video (“Run For Hope” Charity Event)

I’ve been doing quite many charity events this year…and though my schedule is really tight this year (cos I’m slogging it out for the indie album’s production), I find it very hard to say “no” to charity events. I’m so blessed, how can I not give? This is for “Run for Hope“, an annual charity […]

More Youtube Videos + Limited Edition Hoomia headphones for me :)

September flew by. Woosh! I was very busy (as usual!), but this was exceptional. To start with, I finally began recording and filming Youtube videos for my pledgers. 1st one goes to Mr Tan Gek Leng who requested for “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead: And the 2nd video is a really sweet request from a […]

I miss my blog (+ updates)

So what’s up? I’ve been so busy preparing for my new album and for performances that time just zoomed by … so fast! Can you believe that it’s now Aug? :/ Before I burn myself out, i decided to take a lil time out to blog, a cathartic activity I should try to do more […]

Get involved in my new indie album 2.0 (with Pledgemusic!)

OK Finally! This is step x of my album-making….fund-raising! I discovered Pledgemusic through a singer-songwriter whom I respect a lot (Rachael Yamagata) and I thought, what a wonderful and splendid way to have my supporters involved in the album prior to its release! So i signed up, and here we go! It’s a new and […]

The making of music video for 《請你不要說》

In preparation for the publicity of my album “Feel About You” in Hong Kong at the HK Asian-Pop Music Festival (which was on 23 Mar 12), S2S did a music video for me! 為了在香港的“香港亞洲流行音樂節宣傳我的專輯《Feel About You》,S2S 為我籌備了一隻mv! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fbks6H5H3qg It was a hard job for the crew, because it was a 18 – 20 hour job […]


听李宗盛唱歌,每句词都而外有重量。有多少人懂得爱,懂得在对的时候离开;了解不拥有,各自快乐的生活也是一种爱?只可惜,领悟是活出来的。 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0rFCNgGgTY&feature=related 我们的爱若是错误,原你我没有白白受苦。 希望你换得到领悟。

Happy Women’s Day (esp to Big Girls – You Are Beautiful!)

On this International Women’s Day, I’ve decided to do a tribute video esp to, big girls. I had a terrible time growing up cos I was plump (even up to my adult years and yes, now!). Here’s my 1st attempt on a stop-motion video….my special tribute to Big Girls on International Women’s Day. Be proud […]