Kim’s KItchen – Confinement Meal (TingKat) Review

My husband and I decided to do away with a confinement lady, mainly because I don’t really like the idea of strangers living in my house, and worse, dictating what I should or should not do after a major life event like giving birth. I didn’t think that we should chance the risk of introducing […]

Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2012

Taking part in the HK Asian-Pop Music Festival 2012 is an early highlight this year… The last time I went to Hong Kong was for a performance at Mackie Kitchen in 2008 (with Tien-yao). I was still doing indie music back then. Now 4 years down the road, many things have changed, and it feels […]

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

I’ve been under the weather these few days…feeling very lost, wondering what the hell I have been doing. Then a good friend Lin Sia forwarded this to me. It must be timed, because I had needed it. A wonderful story to share with everyone… ************************************ ‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says This […]

Article on My Paper (Wo Bao)

My Paper has kindly invited me to write an article for them. Wohoo!! Here it is, published on 5 March 08: