Ah hem haw ah

I was surprised when I received this call a few days ago: Characters: 1. Auntie-like employee from corporate company whom ALD sang for in April. 2. Me Auntie: “Ah….you know the cheque ah…Ah I wanna ask you har, if you want to join our GIRO system…..” *My 1st thought: Har?! U mean the cheque is […]

Sleepy Rant

I am soooooooo tired. I neeeeeeed sleep. So many thoughts running through my mind these few days. I’ve realised something about karma. They’re all manifesting to me especially this period, the good ones encouraging me to keep everything simple and pure; the bad ones mocking me not to erm, judge people too fast. …. I […]

btw 2

I was invited by My Paper to submit another article after the one that was published on 5 Mar…the deadline was 31 Mar and yes, of course I submitted my ‘draft’ on 31 Mar. To my utter surprise, Esther emailed me at 8.55pm on 1 Apr and told me that they’re taking the ‘draft’ and […]


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBc6JekBkoc[/youtube] …it just takes one song to bring all the tears back, and emotions to a low point. Maybe that’s why it’s lucky I’m a wedding-singer – I sing all the happy love songs. Sometimes… I don’t know what I want anymore. Indescripable things have kicked in suddenly after CNY. What do you want from […]

Article on My Paper (Wo Bao)

My Paper has kindly invited me to write an article for them. Wohoo!! Here it is, published on 5 March 08: https://www.bevlynkhoo.com/BTWmy05-006-0-myp.pdf

I want a brownie

If you’re also perplexed by the many types of networking available online, scratch me.