Starhub’s “Happy Everywhere” Movement (Part 1 @ Tekka Market)

Lo and behold, I sang at Tekka Market this morning! As part of Starhub’s “Happy Everywhere” movement (to spread happiness to pockets of people across the island), I was invited to do a surprise performance at Tekka Market for the stall holders! (It was really a happy morning until something marred the rest of the […]

Weighting – phew!

I was having my heart in my mouth before MM Lee finally opened his mouth to comment on the weighting for mother tongue. This topic led me to surf the net and I came across a blog by one of my friends. Her entry was hilarious (to me), and I thought I should share with […]

AGM + MV + Birthday + E-awards 2010

Hello guys, so I’ve been slacking with my blog updates. Sometimes I just imagine I have already shared what I’d like to share, but of course, it was only imagination. This time round, it’s not laziness at work…many things happened and time just flew by…. My baby wedding-singing group A Little Dream had our AGM […]

Getting over October..

I…..can’t….wait….for….October…to…be…over….3 more days……. Many weddings to do, many songs to learn… October is really tough, but I’ve some exciting news to share: 1) Am invited to attend the Singapore Hits Award organised by Mediacorp’s 933 on 6 Nov.  Funniest thing is, when I was reeaaaallly young with loads of passion for singing and music to […]

Musician’s Territory (Musicians pls comment)

Beware: Long rant post ahead. ***************************************************** In all my years of wedding-singing, it has definitely not been the first time I have people coming up to the stage to ask if they can sing a song (or not). But never has it ever been delivered to us in such a low-brow method. I was singing […]

Making music…

…. always makes me hungry. Don’t you too, when you work? I just feel emptied out after that. Supper supper!

Wedding dings (heaven) and dongs (hell)

I sing most regularly at weddings, and I see couples at their happy moments, if not happiest, in their lives. Off the stage, I hear horror stories of couples contemplating separation, divorce; some with their spouses facing adultery issues; some have not had sex with their partners for ‘n’ years; some have ‘no (more) feel’ […]

Compassion, Loyalty, Spiritual Growth

Many interesting things happened to me in April…it was like a whirlwind of meeting different, contrasting types of people. Of course being in the ‘entertainment’ industry gets me in touch or in wind of ‘interesting’ people of all sorts, and luckily for me, I prefer to duck my head low and just walk through the […]

Too much to do

Why is there so much things to do!? Arrgh! My petite PA is doing very well but she’s on leave to Taiwan now *wails* Can’t wait for her to be back :p And I finally found a Spanish teacher yeah! Can’t wait to learn Spanish, though I doubt I will continue it like I’m doing […]

The ideal wedding

Ok, I am not gonna take anymore performance booking for the rest of the year! Cos, after consecutive gigs from 11th-14th Oct, I am now sick 🙁 :”( Yes, I can’t claim medical bill from any employer, so I am choking myself up with Clarinase in preparation for the coming weekend performances. Anyway, after doing […]


More zoo photos, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Ça fait long temps! It’s been 15-20 years since I’ve been to the zoo? I’m just so happy (to the point of gratitude) that Juliet agreed so readily to go to the zoo with me. People, we really need more nature, and since I can’t go Safari as […]

Sound woes

I survive September with the x to the power of n weddings! Ok, am going to rant a bit here about SOUNDMAN. Pls click on the x button on the top right corner of this window if you are/were a soundman before. Ok, first of all, I nearly wanted to kill a soundman with my […]

Civilised Boxing – The First Presidential Debate

See how Obama rocked here: Q: Much has been said about the lessons of Vietnam, what do you see as the lessons of Iraq? McCain: “I think the lessons of Iraq are very clear..that, (clear throat)…you cannot have a failed strategy that will then nearly cause you to lose your conflict.” –> ?? I […]

Moment of procrastination

I realised I have been such a bore because I work too much :”( And I’m not sure if it’s the crank that’s getting to me, but these are the things I actually think about, like: 1. Do you look at a person’s left or right eye when you talk to them? Or do you […]

I Hate Lizards

I suddenly recalled this awful incident and feel compelled to blog. I was at the gym last week. I happily walked over to the windows, open them up one by one to let the fresh air come in (you know how the gym sometimes stink after people worked out with air-con on!). Then I felt […]