The Walk (9-10months)

Where do I start.. everything has changed so much since my last post. The biggest change being that he started… walking at 9 months! Never did I imagine that he would start to walk so early. Some would celebrate the early onset and for me, I think I’m just surprised, but also relieved that I […]

8th Month Wonder – To Shave or not to Shave

Well… we did shave his hair at 4 months… but the husband did it himself and we were so afraid of hurting him that we left quite a length from the scalp, so that really wasn’t “shaving”. After his hair grew out, we realised that his hair was really sparse (and uneven)…and under the incessant […]

Pink Dot Wefie

Why we took Dave to Pink Dot

It is my first time participating in the annual Pink Dot event at Hong Lim Park… and this time round, I felt it imperative that I participate and take Dave along.  It’s very simple really, so I’m going to keep this short. Now that I have a son (or daughter for that matter),  I can […]

First Flight

First holiday – Siem Reap + Happy Father’s Day

If you think that I’m getting a bit slower with my posts, you are right, and that’s mostly because baby Dave is getting so active it’s….unbelievable. The oxymoron is, my days are so long, yet time seems to speed by so fast! (I’m sure all mums know what I mean) Before I could warm up […]

Dave tongue out

Baby Dave Meets Buddy (Mini-Schnauzer)

Dogs and babies – we’ve seen so many cute photos and videos of them getting along together but we knew that Buddy wouldn’t take to baby Dave even before Dave was born. We got that answer in a scary way when, as a trial, we had a monkey soft toy masqueraded as a baby in my […]


Best Baby / Pregnancy Apps (Pre & Post Natal)

Once I discovered that I was pregnant, it didn’t take long before I start researching on apps. I have to say that not all apps are useful, or cater to my needs. But these are the ones that I’d recommend (you don’t have to install all if you find them duplicating each other). But goodness, […]

Maternal Instinct

It doesn’t sound politically correct (to my son), but I’m gonna say it anyway – I didn’t feel the so called ‘love at first sight’, or the ‘I fell in love with you once i laid eyes on you’ sensation with my son (when he was first heaved onto my belly like a 3kg naked turkey). […]

Full Month Party

I can’t believe that we’ve reached the one month mark. Time flies when you are crashing at 1030pm very sleep-deprived every day and doing a repetitive routine of feeding and diaper-changing. I was doing research on food catering for the full-month party during pregnancy, and at the end I decided on Neo Gardens, mainly because of […]


Baby Bellies Post Natal Massage – Review

My huge belly deflated drastically after delivery, but the stretch marks (now even more wrinkled without being stretched out) and the fat lingered rather unflatteringly. Most part of it was also probably water retention. I was a little apprehensive when I signed up for Baby Bellies’ Post Natal Massage package during the pregnancy, because I […]