More musicians!

Yeah, I’ve managed to rope in more musicians for the concert on 13 Aug! Shawn Kok will be on percussion and Lim Hui and Lim Chun the endearing siblings have agreed to pull the strings for me! Incidentally, Lim Chun is the violinist who played La Vie En Rose in my album And Vocare Media […]

Jazz in July – Merci et Au Revoir

French lady. For more pictures, click here. I’m so happy my new friend Jason (whom I got to know only last Thursday but come down armed with his pro camera to take pictures for me voluntarily), took this picture, because it means so much to me. This French mademoiselle, who was among the audience on […]

Bevlyn in Concert @ UCC (13 Aug 08)

I know it’s been a bit strange to have a concert half a year after my album was launched. Hmm. The story goes that I approached the UCC (University Cultural Centre) people in the early part of the year, and apparently they have arranged for programmes in March and April already, and in May it’s […]

Performance for Soka’s Friendship Concert

Jeff Wang, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Jiujian 大哥 invited me to perform at Soka’s Friendship concert last Saturday, and I was truly honoured. The hosts for the evening was Jiujian 大哥 himself, Limei (1003), 朱永钦大哥 , and Jeff Wang. And I was very happy to know that I’ve got a few old friends – Angeline, […]

French gig on 21 & 22 July 08

After a month’s rest, I am ready to swing again! To kick off the later half of the year (can’t believe we’re in the 2nd half of 2008 already), I’m doing a all-French-songs gig that I’m very proud to be involved in. Finally the money I’ve casted towards Alliance Française is coming to good use: […]

U weekly 28May08 (Last Radio Show…for now)

U weekly 28May08 Part 1, to read Part 2, click here. This is erm, quite outdated, but just for the records, it’s going up my blog. It was a mad rush for the last show. I went to catch Sonny Rollins‘ (first and probably last in Singapore) concert at the esplanade, and had to leave […]

Video Recordings in Foshan Radio Station

Lost: Play With Me: When I’m 80: Videos courtesy of Blue Butterfly’s Sonic Ericsson Mobile Phone lol.

Hong Kong holiday/performance

In 2 weeks’ time, I’ll be in Hong Kong for my holiday! Yeah! I need a holiday sooooo badly. All thanks to Blue Butterfly, I get to know about this Hong Kong indie singer, aniDa, who is also the boss of Mackie Bookstore, a very cosy bookstore which sells all sorts of fantastic books and […]

SPOP Video

Ta-da! Actually I wanted to put this behind me, but the very kind-hearted Kangyang actually recorded (on tape, then transferred to mp4) for me as a surprise, so this has to come up here for all the efforts he has put in [youtube][/youtube] Yah…I told you it’s very short already. *grin*

Republic Poly Flyer

Republic Poly Flyer, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Even though I was super tired (same for Kangyang and Ken) that morning, I was really happy about the performance @ Republic Polytechnic. Will post more thoughts very soon, after Kang Yang sent me the pics! One thing for sure: RP people are so nice ahhhhh!

01 Apr 08 Radio Show

01 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Ken invited 2 listeners of our radio programme to come to the studio and watch us perform ‘live’. Yeah! I guess it must be something new to watch us convey messages to each other using waving arms, kicking legs, locked eyebrows and differents looks in our eyes….all without […]


Thank you to each and everyone who went down to Raffles Place Park to see me perform last Fri. I’m sorry I had to start the performance earlier as the programme under-ran, and the drizzle was threatening. Tien-yao was a little stuck in traffic and could only manage to take a few photos for me […]

Video Montage of Launch

Finally, it’s ready…zzzzz Again, all thanks to Shou-jie, Matthew and Tien-yao for helping out. Muack!!