Air Supply Concert…

Air Supply Concert…, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. …was amazing. I had totally zero expectation before I went for the concert. I mean, when I tell people “I’m going to Air Supply’s concert”, reactions included “Eeee”, “Ah!?”, or sometimes they can’t even utter a sound, just a deep frown. My french teacher’s response was “Ah? But […]


I’M SORRY IF THIS SEEMS A BIT OTT, BUT JASON MRAZ IS COMING TO SINGAPORE!!! 3 AUG 08 @ SINGFEST WOOHOOOOOOOOO!! Ok, I started praying to the Universe after reading Eat Pray Love. An excerpt: “I wish I could write a petition to God, asking for this thing to end.” “So why don’t you?” I […]

To Mr Jason Mraz,

Dear Jason, First of all, this may not be most appropriate place to write about this, but I am praying that you will read all your blog comments. I’m writing this to you because I’m very angry that a friend of mine is going to Perth to watch your concert in Aug, and I can’t […]

A Beautiful Mess + 如果

I feel pregnant with inspirations recently, because I’ve been recharging. Yeah! I’m glad I bought Jason Mraz’s album, because of that, I discovered a song I extremely love (that’s why you should always buy albums, cos the ‘hit’ songs are usually generally by rule-of-thumb, crap). I’m so hooked on him to the point of thinking […]

May The Music Month

This month, is rest and cruise month. When people ask me what I’ve been busy with, my answer is “I’m very busy…. eating, resting, having fun”. Yeah! I’ve caught James Blunt’s concert (by a twist of fate, with Tien-yao), and I just came back from Chris Botti’s concert. In comparison, Chris Botti’s concert was exhilarating, […]

Ken Lee

Tien-yao reminded me about this Ken Lee video again, and a Utube search revealed that Mariah Carey had been interviewed with regards to the video..I didn’t know she understands French..but I believe the comic relief of what most people feel from the video was lost on her.. Bulgarian Music Idol 2 audition: Mariah Carey’s […]

Stand By Me

I’m not a fan of David Archuleta’s voice tone…but his musicianship and creativity amaze me. He got my support during the musicals round. I was robbed off my air by how he re-arranged the song Think Of Me: When he announced his song choice for this week, I nearly flipped – Stand By Me. […]

And that’s when I love you

Once in a blue moon, you come across songs that just touch you in a strange way: I think this is how true love goes. Yes I’m a hopeless fool.

Live High

Jason Mraz (raw-ness + positivity) + France (Beaubourg) = Ba-BOM explosive happiness [youtube][/youtube] Lyrics


[youtube][/youtube] …it just takes one song to bring all the tears back, and emotions to a low point. Maybe that’s why it’s lucky I’m a wedding-singer – I sing all the happy love songs. Sometimes… I don’t know what I want anymore. Indescripable things have kicked in suddenly after CNY. What do you want from […]

SPOP – My Idol

Lee Zong Sheng, more photos here. To those who said it’s hard to recognise me or could hardly see me etc, my reply is: It’s like that one LAH! Tsk tsk. Anyway, before the show, I made up my mind to enjoy the show no matter what, because I was just waiting for one moment…. […]