INDIE Hooray !!! Music Concert Party 2009

Ok, so I’m no longer indie, but I’m proud to say I’ve strode out indie and been in that phase before to appreciate the process of album-making. This blog entry is dedicated to my indie friends who are throwing a performance next week. The ‘organiser’ is one of the indie artist Yet, who is making […]

Lu wins the Crowd

… or at least the panel of judges for the 20th Taiwan’s  prestigious 金曲奖 for Best Newcomer (最佳新人) and Best Composer  (最佳作曲人). ECSTATIC is such an understatement for how I feel. Only Crowd Lu is capable of carrying off  such a suit, cos he’s weird enough. In fact I’ d feel weird if he wore […]


My first cassette tape was Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. I really cannot explain why at the age of 10, I would want to own that piece of plastic; All I knew was, his music opened my mind to a whole realm of explosive and wondrous music, which led me to dig further into the pursuit of […]

Fresh Music Awards – Podcast

Once again, I was delighted and honoured to be invited to one of Fresh Music’s podcasts, this time round as a ‘presenter’ for Fresh Music Awards 2009. I have to say I am always amazed by how quick and witty the 2 presenters ‘Yellow Cucumber’ and ‘Little Tomato’ are, and the explosive chemistry they share. […]

American Idol – my pick

My pick is Adam Lambert. I’m usually not into beautiful men like him, but boy, he has so much substance to back his good looks up it’s unbelievable. He is – creative (I dig how he strips each song and makes it his own) – very emotive – check this video out, my goosebumps just […]

Upcoming Acts – Local!

I’ve been wanting to blog about these 2 local acts: 1. RazzlePlay Vincent (leader and electric guitarist of the band) and I both agree that, doing a DIY album by oneself stretches one thin, but to have a whole band with each one having their own ideas, that’s chaotic! But RazzlePlay did it, and I […]

Duffy’s Syrup & Honey

I went to watch Duffy’s concert last Sun… it was a totally mind-blowing experience – her vocals are just too incredible. Her songs….I don’t know, they have the same healing effects as Rachael Yamagata’s music. The songs are strongly influenced by the blues, and the stingy lyrics – they  just suck me in and spurn […]

One Last Cry, 6, 8, 12

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] I love Brian McKnight from his ‘One last cry’ days. I nearly missed his concert if Calvin hadn’t insisted I watch it. And I was so thankful to Calvin 5min into the concert…he’s really inspiring. Many a times I found myself wanting to tear when he sang the slow numbers. I am so […]

When my heart is full

I’ll like to share a song which has been touching me for the past couple of months. This is by a renowned Japanese pianist (Yukie Nishimura) titled “When my heart is full“. It’s amazing how, without words, this piece of music can provoke so much emotions of love, of happiness, of sadness, of reminiscence…flipping my […]

It’s now or never

Click here to view the embedded video. How do you keep the music playing? It’s now or never…(Lyrics) Tony Bennett has a way of singing into my heart.

Crowd Lu Guang Zong 盧廣仲 in Singapore

ahlu – 7, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. 20 Sept afternoon, i had to go sing a duet with Yet for his album launch and so had to skip Crowd Lu’s performance at Bugis Junction (I was at Intercontinental Hotel for a lunch wedding yet I couldn’t be there after that, what a torture). So I […]

August Breeze

French @ No.5, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Well it wasn’t really a breeze, like for most in the wedding industry. I had an exciting August I think: 1. Singfest on 3 Aug – stood there for 10.5hrs – record-breaking. I must have been crazy to do things of this sort. Even my NCC days weren’t […]


【当卢广仲遇上邱意淋】GOD!, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. I was on 1003 doing my usual set, when a listener sms in and informed me about this website: To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. [当卢广仲遇上邱意淋, they say: hi] Will I? Haha. I think I will use the Vitas to greet him. But knowing myself, I […]

No problem

I’m helping another local musician, YET葉敦鴻, who is coming up with his very first DIY album very soon, to do some ‘advertising’. His online launch is on 20 July 08, and if you want to get a FREE CD single, just email him at To find out more about the soft launch, click here. […]


My photographer-friend Gabriel Mendes introduced to me the movie ‘ONCE’ in Mar, relentlessly bugged me to watch it, but I only just finished watching it. Starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the indie movie was filmed in Ireland. And yes, I love the movie. First of all is the storyline of course, it’s a story […]