Performance with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra

I was psyched to perform at Bangkok with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra as part of an ASEAN event on 24 Aug 14. You probably won’t believe it… but the last time I went to BKK was…. close to 13 years ago! It’s no wonder that 13 years after, I feel that BKK has had a […]

All about being 49. Happy Birthday Singapore.

#1) “Playlist Comes Alive”  – National Day Celebration at Tampines Central Park (01 Aug 14) I was RAMBLING when he came up to say I sang very well. I really rambled. This was what I said: Me: “Thank you Minister Heng! I’m so happy to meet you! I’m a fan!!! (??)! Thank you for all your […]

What I’m up to these days – Music Production

I honestly thought that I’d be taking a breather this year after《我认识过的人》’The People I’ve Known’ was released last year. I couldn’t be more wrong. Things are stacking up for my record label The Storyteller Waves. I’m happy that we’re telling more and more stories through original songs! The first thing to come my way was […]

Sing Along with Eric Moo @ Hwa Chong (巫启贤相约在华中)

Yes I was from Hwa Chong JC. It was a brief 2 year for me but I learnt many things non-academic. For a start, I joined PA/AVA wanting to learn more about things behind the stage (or on-stage, before the show). Ironically, PA/AVA was also the one who organised the annual Talentime. As a member […]

《我的歌声里》 – Songs Of Who We Are + Single’s Release

This has got to be one of the really memorable things I’ve done in my life. I was given the opportunity to experience jobs/passions which I normally would not get the chance to experience… the filming was extremely tiring with 10-hour shoot a day for 7 days and because I had to write a song […]

Dior BackStage Opening’s dinner @ Flutes

It was a pleasure to perform at Dior BackStage Opening‘s dinner @ Flutes. Other than serenading the regional directors from France & Singapore with English & French jazz classics, Anson (on guitar) and I also saw celebrities like Rosalyn Lee, Denise Keller, Jaymee Ong, Diana Ser, etc. Diana Ser was the friendliest as she waved […]

Air France-KLM + Sitong’s Birthday Bash + Book Fest 2013

I am blessed to have 3 awesome performances to close December 2013 off. The first got me really excited, because as a francophone, it is an honour to perform for Air France-KLM! It was a cosy and intimate closed-door event set at elegant Flutes at National Museum.  Hope I get the chance to do it […]

新創 (Originals Series) @ Switch + Why we need more indie artists

I love this poster done up by Switch 🙂 I was looking forward to this performance because the rehearsal got me so excited! You can’t see it from the photo below, but the stage is really high. Super nice to perform on! I was supported by very awesome musicians. Here’s Eileen Chai on violin: Peter […]

Singapore Hit Awards 2013 – Nomination for ‘Best Local Lyrics’ (22 Nov 13)

I didn’t win the award, but I’m already over the moon! Contesting in this category were veteran lyricists 陈家明,小寒, and singer-songwriter 龚芝怡 (Serene Koong). When I was interviewed by Y.E.S.933 at the roadshow, my reply was: I am really honoured that《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) was nominated…. and…  I didn’t realise that my Mandarin is soooo good. […]

《新聲帶》Singsation – Joint Concert with Dawn Wong

《新聲帶》”Singsation” is one concert I never imagined doing. Yet when Ee-Fty approached me to be involved, I jumped in immediately. It is such a brilliant idea, to forge collaboration between indie artists/bands in Singapore. In fact, collaboration is probably the best way to go to increase listener-ship to the indie music community. I had the […]

《我認識過的人》MV拍攝 (The People I’ve Known MV Shoot)

I got to know about the crew behind this MV via 2 music videos they shot. One is the trailer for Wild Rice’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and the other is a music video of indie artist Jerome Won. Hence I was really flattered when they (Weidong and Chia Meng from Fictionshore) wanted to shoot the […]

《哈哈歌》’The Haha Song’ MV Shoot

This MV shoot was actually scheduled way before the actual release of the album. I had initially scheduled for the shoot to be in Sept 2012… but I could only manage to release the album sometime in Apr/May 2013. The planning to do the shoot was already in the works, and so we decided to […]


FMindie 的 “網主” 說他認識我是因為他在UFM1003的空中聽到我現場演唱。那時因為DJ Ken瘋狂的一個提議,我就每個星期於好友上空中現場表演。 一晃,就5年了。 5年其實是一段不長不短的時間,但人不論在事業,愛情,求教育,健康方面,總至少會有一個轉折點。 在事業方面,從獨立歌手到被唱片公司簽約,然後再回歸獨立音樂,表面轉折是小,過程是大。 謝謝FMindie的5部訪問。訪問很開心,因為你見證了這個過程。 Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: