Quiet is good

Yes I’ve been lazy to blog…but also mainly cos I don’t feel a need to blog..I’ve been too busy experimenting with music, and….having fun! I’m sad that Alicia is back to Italy, but well, I will go visit her next year. Venice is one of the spots on earth I gotta go, and she’s a […]

Things I love in Aug 09

Awwww….. This is toooooo much!! Supper after weddingsssssss….It was a reunion cos one of the pianists (Jon) was back in town from studies! Ah Ken holding my album when he saw it in a mega-bookstore  (诚品书局) in Taiwan! I saw this car after watching Harry Potter..happily snapping away and wondering who the cool owner is […]

Toy Museum

I’d been wanting to go to this Mint Museum of Toys for AGES! Finally we set foot into this wonderland and lo and behold, the history of toys came pouring over me left right centre – how Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Batman, Popeye, Barbie dolls etc evolved over the years… It was so nostalgic to […]

Erin et moi

Some people thought that Erin is my daughter whenever we’re together LOL. She is sooooo adorable. But yeah, children are a handful; I admire the father who was trying so hard and patiently to get her to finish dinner. Taking pictures in front of my macbook like this is so much easier… Heh.

Zombie Vs. Kids

At first I was feeling quite bad for the kids…what kind of adults will do this to innocent young kids? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASr5GcuDHug[/youtube] Ok, morally I think it’s wrong to do that to the kids. Full of twisted guilt yet very amused now, I have to say I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. I […]

Fresh Music Awards – Podcast

Once again, I was delighted and honoured to be invited to one of Fresh Music’s podcasts, this time round as a ‘presenter’ for Fresh Music Awards 2009. I have to say I am always amazed by how quick and witty the 2 presenters ‘Yellow Cucumber’ and ‘Little Tomato’ are, and the explosive chemistry they share. […]

Melbourne Photos

Ta-dahh! Here are some of my Melbourne photos. There are many more, but I filled out all miserly 60 slots in Facebook’s album. Anyways. Can’t wait for my next holidays 🙂

Album updates

I only got to see and touch my own album when I met Dengli for dinner on Sat. Who would have thought that I’d have another album this year? I was prepared not to have another one after the EP album cos of financial reasons…While I know of people out there who bought the album, […]

What joy!

I am so in love with this girl. How many children still jump for joy when they get simple things like that? This is so pure: [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/3502952[/vimeo] And check out this video which shows the devious side of her.

Forest Adventure + Caroline

Juliet and I were restless and we decided to be tarzans! We went to Forest Adventure under the recommendation of a good friend, and truth was, we had no idea what was in for us..we just knew it was an obstacle course .. During the briefing I was already swearing and cursing at the friend […]

He’s Just Not That Into You

I finally watched this movie last night, and it certainly didn’t disappoint me, a strong supporter of the book.  It even inspired me to write a song called “Anymore” for a good friend of mine. The day the book saw the light of day, suddenly the veil was lifted, the bulb was lighted for all […]


Yes I just turned 30. And loving it. There was no big bang party like some comet’s gonna hit the earth or something like that. I mean, how should hitting 30 feel like? There’s no universal feeling to it right? Just when everyone’s teasing me about hitting the big 3, strangely, I feel that life […]

Chocolate in bras (Recording day #10)

We were supposed to record the last song tonight, but i was not in good form so we recorded only the verses only. Not going ahead is great 🙂 So in order to cheer myself up, I’m gonna blog about this joke I cracked accidentally (Actually I’m just scared I’ll forget how funny I can […]

The Mom Song

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESe-AysF9mw[/youtube] 3 thoughts after watching: 1. I wish I have her diaphragm power. 2. Who wrote the lyrics? 3. I’m so glad she’s not my mom.

Feel the love

I am so in love with this group of photographers. They call themselves the WPN (Wedding Photographers Network), and they’re really the best wedding photographers in Singapore. What amazes me is, they’re really competitors in their own field, yet they’re able to bunch themselves together, teach and learn from each other, pass on clients’ contacts […]