Post Holiday Jetlag.

The coffee is working. It’s keeping me awake so that I can fight the jetlag. Yes I went to Europe (again), just cos I love the architecture and ambience so much. I think what attracted me the most to the continent is the history. Not the details of it, but the things represented by it. […]

Iron Maiden

I’ve been MIA (missing in action) for sooo long. The rate I’m blogging now would have put me to shame in the past…I used to blog so often, now it seems so tedious to sit down infront of the computer and tell people what I’ve been doing. Because, I’d really rather use the time to… […]

Introducing the crazy friends I have…

I finally have the time to write about something I’ve been wanting to blog about for the longest time! I’m so excited about this blog entry, because I would like to introduce 4 smashing friends whom I re-connected with, and I am totally blown away by the passions in their lives… 😀 Sometimes life takes […]

Harry Potter on Fado

Here’s the picture I promised: I was trying so hard not to reach out for him, or call out, ‘Harry!!’. Fado is the folk music of Portugal, and it’s really interesting! And the act before them is this instrumental quartet: [youtube][/youtube] (pardon me for the dim lighting and the uninteresting angle, i was trying my […]

My Summer Holiday Part 2a (Lisbon)

I am such a lazy bum huh! Takes me ages to blog this part 2…but I hope you enjoy these pics nevertheless (part 1 here)! So the other exciting part of my holidays is Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal sounded exotic to me, I didn’t do much research on it before I went, I just knew I […]

The Pastor’s Ass

I’ve been quite down recently, but this joke cheered me up a bit. Here’s sharing it with you! 🙂 ———————————————————— The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again, and it won again. The local paper read: […]

My Summer Holiday Part 1 (Paris)

OK so I’ve been back for 1 week, so maybe it’s about time I share some photos and my voyage! 🙂 My Europe trip was packed, with great views + nice friends to catch up + random friendly people (+ horrifying incidents which I may share if I have time)… I was most pleased to […]

Graduation Day

I like today! “It’s like graduation day for you; after seven years of erratic Uranus in your sign, you are finished studying at the School of Unexpected Changes. Today, Uranus leaves fishy Pisces to enter enterprising Aries and your 2nd House of Self-Worth. You are beginning a long-lasting phase when you can improve your self-esteem […]

Belated Birthday Gifts (LOL)

22 Mar, exactly a month after my birthday is when I receive a couple of presents. But the wait was worth it…My crazy friends actually bought me (in partial… hence forcing me to pay the rest of it haha) a limited edition Taylor Swift baby guitar! Only 10 pieces in Spore so far…woooooooo…….I’m so happy! […]

AGM + MV + Birthday + E-awards 2010

Hello guys, so I’ve been slacking with my blog updates. Sometimes I just imagine I have already shared what I’d like to share, but of course, it was only imagination. This time round, it’s not laziness at work…many things happened and time just flew by…. My baby wedding-singing group A Little Dream had our AGM […]

Fresh start

On Saturday, 2 January 2010, close to a thousand RVHS alumni members joined ex-principals, teachers, staff and students of RVHS to walk the entire distance from the Malan Road campus (formerly ACJC) to the spanking new $79M campus in Boon Lay. And I was there. I know, it’s a bit crazy. I’ve graduated from RV […]

2009 All Wrapped Up

It’s always amazing how a year can fly by like this year had. It’s not a perfect year, but since nothing is perfect in this world, I thought yes – I definitely had a great 2009! To wrap 2009 up, let’s have 9 points: 9. I’m so happy to have more time to myself this […]


I Love Lego. Don’t you? 😀 A dear friend of mine has started out a business with a few of his friends, and ta-dah, here’s their products: If you like what you see, do support our local entrepreneurs. I’ve already placed my orders last night 🙂


So, do you spot the difference? I was the only non-Korean in the picture, but I thought I blended in quite nicely with the rest. Presenting to you MAYTREE the a cappella group! They are a full-time a cappella group from Korea (in fact one of the top groups). Their concert here on Sat was […]

Sumptuous dinners at weddings

I MUST BLOG ABOUT GOOD FOOD. Ok, so I am a food person. But I don’t really snack (except for the occasional dark choc), but each and every meal to me is important. I do have times when instant noodles are good to fill the stomach and I’m happy with that, but the way to […]