I love the Ocean Gallery

Seriously, Ocean Restaurant has got to be one of the best restaurants in town. And no this is not an advertorial.  I was invited to perform for a wedding, and I remember my mind getting blown away when I stepped in and saw the huge aquarium, and the HUGE fishes. Now I am sure the glass […]

Happy Birthday MM2! Thank you for doing Singapore proud

It was an honour to share the joy of local movie distribution company MM2 with its 6th birthday at Shanghai Dolly, the “mm2 and You” party. Happy I signed this board ^_^ Do you know that mm2 Asia is the first local movie producer to seek a listing on the Singapore Exchange? That’s a big […]

Performance with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra

I was psyched to perform at Bangkok with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra as part of an ASEAN event on 24 Aug 14. You probably won’t believe it… but the last time I went to BKK was…. close to 13 years ago! It’s no wonder that 13 years after, I feel that BKK has had a […]

Singapore Hit Awards 2013 – Nomination for ‘Best Local Lyrics’ (22 Nov 13)

I didn’t win the award, but I’m already over the moon! Contesting in this category were veteran lyricists 陈家明,小寒, and singer-songwriter 龚芝怡 (Serene Koong). When I was interviewed by Y.E.S.933 at the roadshow, my reply was: I am really honoured that《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) was nominated…. and…  I didn’t realise that my Mandarin is soooo good. […]

[ADV] ShoppaholicMe

I love online shopping, because my hectic schedule mostly leaves me shopping like a man – to shop only when I need a dress or a top or bottom for a performance/event/function etc. I may not need high-end/branded clothes all the time for performances, but the pieces have to look sleek, and cool! So one […]


Crowd-funding is really rather new in Singapore, and though a few couple other artists have tried it (Inch Chua, Charles J Tan), many music lovers still do not know what it really is about, or know how they can be involved. Hence, I was fortunate to have MyPaper feature my new album’s fund-raising efforts with […]

Starhub’s “Happy Everywhere” Movement (Part 1 @ Tekka Market)

Lo and behold, I sang at Tekka Market this morning! As part of Starhub’s “Happy Everywhere” movement (to spread happiness to pockets of people across the island), I was invited to do a surprise performance at Tekka Market for the stall holders! (It was really a happy morning until something marred the rest of the […]

LollyTalk – the new candy store in town!

Honestly, I can’t remember how I got to know Keow Yuen. (I’m not surprised, cos my memory is often so bad that my good friends call me ‘amoeba’). I know that he wanted to sponsor lovely candies for my music video “The Haha Song” (to be released end Feb!). I knew that he’s a candy […]

Happy 2013!

Here’s a little something for you! How’s that? I was so amused when I first see it 🙂 December was mainly a blur for me, because there were simply too many activities! I kicked off Dec with Legoland! 5 days prior to Legoland, I went to Universal Studio Singapore for the 1st time…and I have […]

Gig & Fun Congestion

I realised that my last blog entry was 1 month ago! You will forgive me if you know what I was busy with for the past month (let’s see if you have the patience to get to the exciting part): 12th Global Chinese Music Awards at Singapore Indoor Stadium (02 Nov) I was invited to […]

October Peek-a-boo!

Interesting month i’ve got here… 1st event which makes me wanna yulp in glee is… i finally attended my 1st Malay wedding! It was such an experience to be a part of another culture; two immediate similarities are: 1) the groom and his entourage have to make a lot of noises (for the Malays, with […]

A Little Holiday In Between

Ooooo after working hard on the album…i took a little break in Spore..and Java! Nothing beats getting closer to nature: We also went to Yogyarkarta, Java, where we visited the Borobudur, an ancient temple built in the 9th century. It’s amazing how smart the people were back then, because the temple was completed with drainage […]

Happy Women’s Day (esp to Big Girls – You Are Beautiful!)

On this International Women’s Day, I’ve decided to do a tribute video esp to, big girls. I had a terrible time growing up cos I was plump (even up to my adult years and yes, now!). Here’s my 1st attempt on a stop-motion video….my special tribute to Big Girls on International Women’s Day. Be proud […]

Cabaret Nights in TFS Bistro

A first for me. Previously, I had experienced opera singing in an Italian restaurant in Paris and found it such an attraction. For Singapore, we have Sing Theatre to thank for implementing the idea of cabaret nights in the French restaurant TFS Bistro (“The French Stall”, previously known as “French Stall”) along Upp. Serangoon Road. […]

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2011

I wanted to start off this post by thanking the organiser for inviting me to attend the press preview of Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2011. It was eye-opening for me on many levels, but first, it was an honour to step foot onto the residence of the  Ambassador of France to Singapore, Mr. Oliver Caron. […]