Crowd-funding is really rather new in Singapore, and though a few couple other artists have tried it (Inch Chua, Charles J Tan), many music lovers still do not know what it really is about, or know how they can be involved. Hence, I was fortunate to have MyPaper feature my new album’s fund-raising efforts with […]

Thank you Media

It’s crazy, and I am so humbled by the support for my new indie album from the media so far. First interview was a surprise for me,’cos I was invited to be on Channel News Asia (CNA), AM LIVE! (!!). It was a great interview, and probably the earliest interview I’d done so far (I […]

The Songwriter Coaching Series

I’ve been invited to be one of the coaches for this songwriting series, and I was little apprehensive of how I could assist these passionate budding songwriters…. after all it’s the first time this series of workshop is run; and my partner-coach in crime was Kevin Mathews! Just a side note – Kevin Mathews, if […]

Album Launch Concert, 18 May 2013 @Hood Bar & Cafe

It was a mad rush putting this concert together…. because I’m doing everything myself (pretty much 95%). How crazy is that? I was left with less than 2 weeks before I announce this album launch concert, and I was twiddling my fingers, wondering how many people would turn up (and having the horror of disappointing […]

《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) Official MV Release!

I’m so proud to announce that my title song’s music video is finally released!!!! I don’t have that many MVs…and to have a team of awesome people behind this project, rallying for me BECAUSE they dig this song so much… that’s really the ultimate joy of song-writing ^_^ I was very honoured to have Miss […]

Translation for Mandarin part in lyric booklet

Ok! So I’ve finally done up a quick translation for the intro part of the lyric-booklet. Click here! The translation: When I was young, I always loved to start my essay with “On a sunny and breezy day,… “. But growing up, I think everybody knows that not everyday is filled with the warmth of […]

Starhub’s ‘Happy Everywhere’ Movement (Part 2 @ Happy Bus)

Some years ago, I performed on a yacht for a wedding couple, so singing in a bus didn’t seem so daunting when it comes to balancing. But there was some logistic issues, which the crew did a fabulous job by flexing their creativity –> for eg. super cool way of strapping my ipad (of lyrics) […]

Starhub’s “Happy Everywhere” Movement (Part 1 @ Tekka Market)

Lo and behold, I sang at Tekka Market this morning! As part of Starhub’s “Happy Everywhere” movement (to spread happiness to pockets of people across the island), I was invited to do a surprise performance at Tekka Market for the stall holders! (It was really a happy morning until something marred the rest of the […]

LollyTalk – the new candy store in town!

Honestly, I can’t remember how I got to know Keow Yuen. (I’m not surprised, cos my memory is often so bad that my good friends call me ‘amoeba’). I know that he wanted to sponsor lovely candies for my music video “The Haha Song” (to be released end Feb!). I knew that he’s a candy […]

Crowd-funded album has hit 100%. YAY!

Hello good people! I just wanna drop a note to say a big “THANK YOU!”. WE DID IT! Because of you, the project is a success (yes, the funding would have been called off if we didn’t hit 100%)!! Because of you, I can fully concentrate on the last phase of the production works without […]

Happy 2013!

Here’s a little something for you! How’s that? I was so amused when I first see it 🙂 December was mainly a blur for me, because there were simply too many activities! I kicked off Dec with Legoland! 5 days prior to Legoland, I went to Universal Studio Singapore for the 1st time…and I have […]

Gig & Fun Congestion

I realised that my last blog entry was 1 month ago! You will forgive me if you know what I was busy with for the past month (let’s see if you have the patience to get to the exciting part): 12th Global Chinese Music Awards at Singapore Indoor Stadium (02 Nov) I was invited to […]

Lean On You Music Video (“Run For Hope” Charity Event)

I’ve been doing quite many charity events this year…and though my schedule is really tight this year (cos I’m slogging it out for the indie album’s production), I find it very hard to say “no” to charity events. I’m so blessed, how can I not give? This is for “Run for Hope“, an annual charity […]

October Peek-a-boo!

Interesting month i’ve got here… 1st event which makes me wanna yulp in glee is… i finally attended my 1st Malay wedding! It was such an experience to be a part of another culture; two immediate similarities are: 1) the groom and his entourage have to make a lot of noises (for the Malays, with […]