Republic Poly Flyer

Republic Poly Flyer, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Even though I was super tired (same for Kangyang and Ken) that morning, I was really happy about the performance @ Republic Polytechnic. Will post more thoughts very soon, after Kang Yang sent me the pics! One thing for sure: RP people are so nice ahhhhh!

01 Apr 08 Radio Show

01 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Ken invited 2 listeners of our radio programme to come to the studio and watch us perform ‘live’. Yeah! I guess it must be something new to watch us convey messages to each other using waving arms, kicking legs, locked eyebrows and differents looks in our eyes….all without […]

Busy week

Flowers for Kef, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. I am so sleep-deprived this week…zzzzz… But, so many exciting things have been happening, they really leave me in a spin. Congratulations to Kef, a hairstylist whom I have gotten to know as a friend over the years. He has seen me through my first boyfriend to err, […]

Play With Me

Play With Me, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. It is 3.53am and I am still working! I’m so tired now I really feel like sleeping through Friday. But I’ve an appointment with NUS tmr..zzzz… While printing some stuff..let me blog a bit… I think I want to mention some stuff here: I welcome all DIY singers […]

btw 2

I was invited by My Paper to submit another article after the one that was published on 5 Mar…the deadline was 31 Mar and yes, of course I submitted my ‘draft’ on 31 Mar. To my utter surprise, Esther emailed me at 8.55pm on 1 Apr and told me that they’re taking the ‘draft’ and […]

Sina Music Box

I’m thrilled that my music has reached people in China! Woohooo! All thanks to Kris my blue butterfly. (”,)


Thank you to each and everyone who went down to Raffles Place Park to see me perform last Fri. I’m sorry I had to start the performance earlier as the programme under-ran, and the drizzle was threatening. Tien-yao was a little stuck in traffic and could only manage to take a few photos for me […]


[youtube][/youtube] …it just takes one song to bring all the tears back, and emotions to a low point. Maybe that’s why it’s lucky I’m a wedding-singer – I sing all the happy love songs. Sometimes… I don’t know what I want anymore. Indescripable things have kicked in suddenly after CNY. What do you want from […]

Video Montage of Launch

Finally, it’s ready…zzzzz Again, all thanks to Shou-jie, Matthew and Tien-yao for helping out. Muack!!

Article on My Paper (Wo Bao)

My Paper has kindly invited me to write an article for them. Wohoo!! Here it is, published on 5 March 08:

EP Album Review

I have been most fortunate to receive a few reviews on my EP album ‘Lonely Afternoon’. Am going to share my joy here: Life!, The Straits Times (22 Feb 08) By Samuel Lee U Weekly 25 Feb to 02 Mar 08 by Tina My Paper (29 Feb 08) by Ken And one overseas one! What […]

Songs on MySpace Music now

I am a big fan of MySpace Music. To me, it works very well as the tester machine in a CD shop that allows you to check out the songs in an album first before you decide to buy or not. So here we go: pls click here to hear the songs in my EP […]

A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel)

I wrote this song in Dec last year, but only managed to finish it yesterday. It’s a simple 2-min song which I do not intend to prolong just because it seems short. The original lyrics is “I wanna write you a love song..”, but I am moved by the fact that there are many people […]