First Flight

First holiday – Siem Reap + Happy Father’s Day

If you think that I’m getting a bit slower with my posts, you are right, and that’s mostly because baby Dave is getting so active it’s….unbelievable. The oxymoron is, my days are so long, yet time seems to speed by so fast! (I’m sure all mums know what I mean) Before I could warm up […]

Dave wrapped up

Baby Dave 6 months Recap

I remember telling friends the first 2 months of babyhood is really boring for parents. Babies just drink, poo, pee, and sleep. Oh and yes they cry, sometimes for no good reason. However from the 3rd month onwards, they turn interesting… they start to smile back (genuinely) when you smile at them! Finally, they are […]

[Video] – Bathing Baby Dave (ft Gaia’s Hair & Body Wash)

I have yet to bathe Dave myself. It’s all done by the husband, and I suppose it started off because I was experiencing weakness of my back muscles after delivery… and he just continued doing it, because it’s such a great bonding time for him and Dave! Baby Dave’s Bath with Daddy (ft Gaia Hair […]