Recording Day #11 (Capucine + Dream)

I’ve finally finished recording!!! An extremely tiring one, 6hrs, it was tough and at one point I even felt a sugar low. But it was comforting to see my producers had mountains of patience… Anyway, now it’s play time! I’m gonna be a Tasmania for bah kwa, pineapple tarts, dark chocs, popcorns, movies and erm, […]

Post-Huayi Note #1

Here’s a quick note to thank EVERYONE who came all the way to Esplanade to show me support. I’m really very touched, just by seeing your face! Thanks for the kind words, the encouragement, the feedback/suggestions, the handshakes, the hugs, the flowers. My way of returning all these,  is to work harder 🙂 And of […]

Master Romance?

I nearly choked on myself when I came across this while surfing for an electronic French dictionary. Master romance? The French? Like since when?

Au Revoir 2008

Sometimes I do wonder why I am so blessed with all that happened in 2008. It’s so far the best year of my life! I’ve always thought that I am a late bloomer, or it could be I never really allowed myself to be the living dead. Life is complicated, but I realised it can […]

Xmas Parties

Yesterday marked the start of a string of Xmas parties to come! It was the first Xmas party for me at my Jap boss’s house. What greeted me when I first step into the house (other than the family of course), is a Yamaha Clavinova piano, along with a mic on a mic-stand, 2 electric […]

French music review & interview (Kochiban)

I was over the moon these few days cos I made a new French friend! Dimitri contacted me (out of nowhere), saying his Asian friends living in France introduced my music to him. He did an email interview with me, and a music review, and hosted them on his music review/recommendation website. I wasn’t at […]

Too much to do

Why is there so much things to do!? Arrgh! My petite PA is doing very well but she’s on leave to Taiwan now *wails* Can’t wait for her to be back :p And I finally found a Spanish teacher yeah! Can’t wait to learn Spanish, though I doubt I will continue it like I’m doing […]

Je suis pas d’ici (Thomas Dutronc)

My favourite French song now is tada: [youtube][/youtube] He is so charming, no? Even taught the audience how to clap on the upbeat. Incidentally this is the same genre as my version of La Vie En Rose – gypsy jazz. The album version is here and the lyrics. There’s a line I love and agree […]

What a wedding!

I got to know the bride, Julia, from my class at Alliance Francaise (AF), and after coming down to give support at my French chansons gig at the Esplanade earlier in July this year, she decided to engage my band to perform at her wedding. I have to say this is really one of the […]


It’s such a fantastic morning to remain asleep with such rain outside. So waking up so early to run an errand, –> what a torture. Suddenly I remember my French teacher saying “C’est un jour pour rester au lit” (It’s a day to stay in bed) to me one Sat rainy morning during lesson. Wails […]

Wedding Craze

Crazy September has begun. 6 weddings in just the past week. 6 more coming this week. Breathe. There’s something about brides-to-be. It’s the glow on their faces… And I noticed something, after seeing a gazillion photo montages and wedding pictures – 90% of the couples have the same smile. Lips are shaped the same, especially […]

Audio clip (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)

I finally have time to sit down and dig Tienyao’s video cam to get this song out. Among all the chansons français which I sang for Jazz in July on 22 Jul 08, the song I had looked forward the most was this (click to listen). I love love love the song. It is one […]

August Breeze

French @ No.5, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Well it wasn’t really a breeze, like for most in the wedding industry. I had an exciting August I think: 1. Singfest on 3 Aug – stood there for 10.5hrs – record-breaking. I must have been crazy to do things of this sort. Even my NCC days weren’t […]


montage, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. August is the 7th month in the lunar calendar, by right it should be my ‘holiday period’ as a wedding-singer. But this Aug turned out to be a really hectic one. What with the prep of my concert, various performances for charity, and most notedly at Casual Poet (where I […]

Jazz in July – Merci et Au Revoir

French lady. For more pictures, click here. I’m so happy my new friend Jason (whom I got to know only last Thursday but come down armed with his pro camera to take pictures for me voluntarily), took this picture, because it means so much to me. This French mademoiselle, who was among the audience on […]