Miss World Singapore 2013

It’s such an honour to be involved with Miss World. I remember watching the pageant on TV when I was much younger… and yes, dreaming about being onstage. But of course, I knew that I would never have the guts to go for beauty contests. Plus, I’m certainly not as quick-thinking as these girls when […]

La Fête de La Musique 2012 (23 June)

I’m so delighted….to be performing at this year’s La Fête de La Musique! Organised by Alliance Française, the party this year will be at Les Bouchons de Rive Gauche (Robertson Quay #01-01, Singapore 238236). French-jazz singer Andayoma and I will be performing at 730pm – 8pm. There’ll also be loads of wines and booze (bien […]

Fabulous February

Hi there! V-Day is just tomorrow and I realised it… yesterday! So I thought about what song I’d like to do for EVERYBODY (singles or attached), and this is the first song that came to mind; one of my all-time happy favourite “Let there be love”. So I whipped out my uke and learnt the […]

Classic Jazz Repertoire with Andayoma

How’s your new year so far? 🙂 it’s been a hectic closing of 2011, and I can’t believe that we’re already nearly 2 weeks into 2012! Have been busy rehearsing and preparing for this French concert (it’s my 1st!), and I’m getting a lot of nice vibes from Andayoma, Mario (on piano), Tony Makarome Yue […]

Adieu 2011 + A Happy New Year

I’ve been reflecting about this year, and I’ve learnt so much about myself and others… For 2011, I’m very happy that I: – came up with the album ‘Feel About You‘, one with many intimate originals which I hope have touched you in some ways…I have to especially thank James Yeo for the musical and […]

Cabaret Nights in TFS Bistro

A first for me. Previously, I had experienced opera singing in an Italian restaurant in Paris and found it such an attraction. For Singapore, we have Sing Theatre to thank for implementing the idea of cabaret nights in the French restaurant TFS Bistro (“The French Stall”, previously known as “French Stall”) along Upp. Serangoon Road. […]

Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2011

I wanted to start off this post by thanking the organiser for inviting me to attend the press preview of Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2011. It was eye-opening for me on many levels, but first, it was an honour to step foot onto the residence of the  Ambassador of France to Singapore, Mr. Oliver Caron. […]

‘Bistro Affair’…In Japan!

Finally got my hands on the Japanese version of ‘Bistro Affair’ a couple of days ago. For the version in Japan, it’s titled ‘Weekend Journey’. Friends in Japan, hope you’ll like this album 🙂 N.B. album does not come with leather in the background; I took a picture of the album against a leather sofa […]

New Album – In French! :)

Voila! The French album I’ve been working on for this year is finally out: Thank you S2S, for fulfilling another of my dreams – to record an album of French chansons. This is certainly a project which made me learn things I’d never imagine I would be in touch with (or so early in my […]

谢谢台北! (Thank you Taipei!)

Voila my first interviews @ Taipei! Many many thanks to DJ Kevin, Editor Yee Hom and especially DJ 小 Q for being so patient and supportive of me. I’m happy that I’m given the opportunity to promote my album ‘You are my angel‘, and also the new French album ‘Bistro Affair‘ in Taiwan. That is […]

Safe In A Crazy World

I am very hopeful about Crazy World Café. It’s a place with a lot of hearts, and many lovely souls will be filling it up for many years to come. If you were there for my mini-concert last Sat, thank you for being there. Here are some photos: And videos! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQpVSHmT1gI[/youtube] Special thanks to Shawn […]

Harry Potter on Fado

Here’s the picture I promised: I was trying so hard not to reach out for him, or call out, ‘Harry!!’. Fado is the folk music of Portugal, and it’s really interesting! And the act before them is this instrumental quartet: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDliISuR_TQ[/youtube] (pardon me for the dim lighting and the uninteresting angle, i was trying my […]

My Summer Holiday Part 1 (Paris)

OK so I’ve been back for 1 week, so maybe it’s about time I share some photos and my voyage! 🙂 My Europe trip was packed, with great views + nice friends to catch up + random friendly people (+ horrifying incidents which I may share if I have time)… I was most pleased to […]

Paris Je T’aime

So I’m back in Paris again, and this time round my visit coincides with the World Cup again. What with the buzz going on, my attention was really on meeting and catching up with FRIENDS, and, FOOD: The food I had been dreaming for the last 4 yrs – Kebab Maybe it’s just a kebab…but […]

Album updates

I only got to see and touch my own album when I met Dengli for dinner on Sat. Who would have thought that I’d have another album this year? I was prepared not to have another one after the EP album cos of financial reasons…While I know of people out there who bought the album, […]